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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A few new things!

Just a few new things going on so I made a short (for me) Video


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Big Bang; only with stickers, not stars

When I'm home I always have my Filofax with me (also my laptop, pens, stickers, hand cream, iPhone...etc.).   Moving it all up and downstairs was complicated.  I balanced everything on my closed laptop and we all teetered down the stairs.

After dropping everything twice (watching it all tumble down and hit the wood floor was heart stopping) I decided I needed something to corral the small items. I've been thinking of doing this for a while because without a container for the many small bits I felt like a confused planet surrounded by a million teeny moons...  In no particular orbit.

P.S. The above will only make sense  if, at some point,  you've been surrounded by dozens of pens and a hundred (give or take) sheets of stickers.

I didn't have any particular item in mind and was open to any sort of container the right size. But this structured basket (From TJMaxx)  was love at first site.  It's polyester but looks like linen and I love the colors.


The $5.99 price tag, that it's big enough to hold everything, looks neat and attractive, and is  
a heathered Tiffany blue color made me do the organized happy dance right there in TJMaxx...


It's much more beautiful and functional then the gallon-sized freezer bags I was using.


The inside  is the same natural linen color as the outside but with a tighter weave and I love the way it looks contrasted with the heathered robin's egg blue of the outside.


I'm not putting everything I own in this basket.   I did a video a few days ago about organizing my Longchamp purse and when I got everything organized and in the bag it was too big to fit in the grocery-cart seat. 

 Seriously, my bag was bigger then a toddler and weighed twice as much.

I had a re-think about what I really needed to lug around and my thoughts wandered to my Filofax Supplies.  Did I really need every pen I own with me when I move from room to room?  

No.  That's  a little crazy and if I didn't have the one I wanted I could just put on my big girl panties and walk upstairs to get it.

If  you're getting the feeling that every time you open your Filofax there is a tornado of office supplies orbiting you I suggest looking for a container; there are tons of attractive, functional options around.  

This arrangement is a  huge improvement over starting my day with all the chaos of The Big Bang...  only with stickers, not stars.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Stationery and office supplies; better then donuts

Having accounted for traffic and there being none, I was an hour early for yesterday's Dentist appointment.  The only retail places open at Dawn-Crack O'clock are donut shops and Staples.

I used to work near a Dunkin' Donuts and for the first few days it was bliss, beyond that it was like being suffocated by a cruller eight hours a day; haven't eaten a donut since so Staples won by default.

I didn't exactly need anything but need is such a harsh word when talking office supplies.  My last stationery hunt netted me these Dividers.

washi tape borders

Re-holing them with a layer of Washi Tape added before punching worked great and resulted in very clean looking dividers sans amoebic holes .  But I wondered if I could find Filo-hole friendly inserts and made that my mission. 

 I sorta succeeded.  

Studio C dividers

Not with these, the holes are wrong but the plaid is so right.

Staples photo pages

There are several insert lines (Staples and Avery)  in the right size for an A5 Filofax with three existing holes; the two end ones are in the right position.  I punched in the missing four and it's perfect. 

 I passed these by a few times because I didn't think the holes would line up but this time I'd schlepped my Filofax with me and could match everything up.  Avery makes these too and they are identical.

staples brand 4x6 photo pages

I love that Terri has a place for photos in her Filofax.  When I watch her videos I always think, I need that. I have a lot of pictures I'd like to haul around with me; my son, my dogs...  France.

staples brand 4x6 photo pages

And these work perfectly.  Adding holes is definitely easier then having to repunch. They have an insert like this for coupons too and you get 10 sheets for 2.99.  The photo pages, I think, came in a package of 15 for a little more but I lost the receipt in the Unpacking Frenzy.


I got these too.  They are sticky-backed pockets with a large tab the size of a CD case, made by Avery. They are called Pocket Tabs and they come in a pack of 5 for 5.69.

Avery square repositionable envelopes on a filofax divider

They are very nice for stamps because of the flap closure.  If you're wondering why I need all these stamps, it's because I like letter writing... Which brings me to these.

Moleskine postal notes

 They didn't come from Staples - I had to order them.  They are a new line from Moleskine called Postal Notebooks and there are a few sizes, colors and configurations.   In the simplest terms, it's a card with pages for writing.  The whole thing folds up into an envelope you address, stamp and mail.  In my opinion they are the best new Moleskine product in years.

I like the bags a lot too but no way am I going to pay over A HUNDRED dollars for a tote bag made out of "water-repellent materials" (Their words, not mine.)


And I picked up this Punch Studio Stationary at TJMaxx because I found them, loved them, they fit in the back top Malden A5 slot and it's really hard to find snail mail supplies.  

Does no one write letters anymore?  

It went downhill from there because it was time for the dentist but it was Officesupplytastic while it lasted. 

*Have you entered my giveaway from JetPens yet? It's almost over*


Monday, September 26, 2011

Filofax reorganizing, retro lamps and dog beds

Have you noticed, all the new calendars are out? 

This time of year is torture for a planner/ stationary/ organizing/ office supply junkie like myself.  I can't pass anything dated 2012 without envisioning THE (best ever) solution for making my life work!

 This weekend I caved and bought some bits and bobs.   I didn't go crazy but I did get some 2012 pages for my very stuffed (Portland Personal) Filofax...


....because  there are things I need to schedule but can't schedule now.  The dates were written on post-its but it was time to move them to a permanent locale.

Standing in the planner aisle at  Staples was a bit of a sad affair.  For me planner pages are like, I dunno, Crack - And the planner aisle was pretty bare.  Staples has a venti-jillion kinds of optical mice (including some totally covered with rhinestones) but there was like one of only several types of planner pages, no real options.

If I didn't want the Day per Page they carry for my size, Tough Beans - That's all they had.  And it's a good thing I wasn't looking for the cover, cheap and cheesy about covers it. The cover section had more Pleather then the wardrobe department at an Elvis concert.

I hardly even salivated, which is rare when I'm facing planner pages.  I found some Day-Runner inserts; Week on two pages and to-do sheets that work nicely (if yawningly) for this task.

next year todo

This is inside the 'Dates' section and I've marked the page with a hot green flag.

While I was working on my Filofax, I cleared it and my Midori Travelers Notebook out.  Oh! And for all you Midori people I found a GREAT new place for Midori inserts - Baum-Kuchen - She has a great selection plus great other stuff!   I got a fabulous Japanese Home magazine called Come Home!

The quality of Japanese Magazines is just spectacular.  Period.  

Here's a bit of my reorganizing...  Decided I need another clear zip pocket.

filofax personal portland

This is my Filofax Year on a page calendar, 2011.   This has been great and yes, there is limited room but for at-a-glance checking things and notations it's the best thing ever.  It can't replace something with more room but I can't imagine not having one every year.

filofax year on a page

I keep all my sticky thing on the clear vinyl separator sheets that come with planners.  It works perfect for me.

filofax clear sheets

I got these too, Day Runner Planner Pouches; strange name really.  More of a half slot thing but they work great for things like my Eames Chair Stamps.  


And speaking of organizing and rearranging because I said I'd post a picture of these probably two weeks ago - I got new lamps for my bedroom!

new lamps

They have a retro look that appeals like crazy to me! I got them in TJMaxx and they were $35 each which I thought was pretty great.  They also take 100w bulbs which I also thought was pretty great, my last lamps only took 40w bulbs so with these it's like, Hello! Sunshine!  

P.S. Do you notice Ginger sleeping in her mirrored cubby?  Wait here's a close-up....

ginger sleeping

That's her favorite sleeping spot.

ventura's bed

Ventura, on the other hand has decided to sleep next to my side of the bed.  And between Ginger's steps and his giant pink fluffy dog bed, two retro-aqua pillows, plush blankie, his long legs and big body...  I now have to slip out the foot of he bed if I need to pee at night.

Which I try not to do if at all possible!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Retro Turquoisday

Yesterday while looking through some vintage magazines I was, as always, turquoise with envy.

ge kitchen 1955

I decided to do something radical and look at a new magazine;  Elle Decor from this May...

I know, right?

elle decor may 2010

And really, more?  More turquoise?

elmira stove works elle decor ad

This ad for The Elmira Stove Works  about did me in. I went to their site.  I looked at what they had, the colors...  Oh. The. Colors.  I made that word colors a link but listen - a warning -  if you go you will see things like this:

My mother had one of these...

I thought it was stupid.

Did a lot of eye-rolling when friends came over and saw 'the huge ugly pink thing.'   I was not a bright kid.  I'm sure it's in a New Jersey landfill now with all the pink appliances.

I have to stop.

I'm welling up...

So maybe don't go visit  Elmira Stove Works  cause you're gonna  kick your current appliances in the shins.  Save all your stainless stuff the pain of rejection.

And the broken toe.  Take my word on that one. 

After several cleansing breaths...

I needed to get out of the house; I needed air, man.  Clear un-turquoise air.  I drove around for a while and ended up at TJMaxx (warning cell phone pictures ahead)

Oh, the horror...


It's a turquoise-colored conspiracy 


As far as the eye could see...






It didn't matter what department..

tjmaxx colander





Not kitchen....

I loved, loved, loved the lawn and garden stuff.  I'm going to admit something here -  I love odd lawn stuff.  My housing association has issues with pink flamingos but I'm thinking...


"These guys are flat out art, dudes."

At least that's what I'll say in response to the cease and desist the lawn stuff  letter....

And nothing says crazy-fun like...


A disco ball mid-lawn...

Or fifty.

I loved these chairs. I thought they were VERY reasonable





This tested my love of turquoise.  And this...


Well, it's glass.  Kind of a watermelon with a face.   I think it's a pig.  I found it confusing.  Scary.  It was the oddest turquoise thing I'd encountered...


And that was truly sayin' something...


retrotuesay stamp

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