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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Planner Gestalt

I'm using two separate planners to make one cohesive organizing system that makes sense to me.  My Filofax has attributes the Hobonichi Cousin doesn't and visa versa. I've never been able to use two planners and really, I'm still not.  Each does something different and their jobs don't overlap.

I've had a lot of questions about how this is working and specifically what am I doing so I did a follow up video to try and answer the questions...  If I forgot anything please let me know!

According to Wiki - "...the human mind considers objects in their entirety before, or in parallel with, perception of their individual parts; suggesting the whole is other than the sum of its parts."

And that rings true to me.  It's not just the binder, or the pages, or sections, or notes.  Not just or the sticky tabs and pens and lists and clips.  It's also  thing individually AND  together.

  In the gestalt of planning, this makes perfect sense....   On one hand it's a Filofax, on the other hand a Hobonichi.... and in the realm of gestalt it seems there's a third hand, everything together.  



Monday, July 14, 2014

Small potatoes

Old school planners work for me. Period. End of story....

 Besides their whole analog appeal, using one gives my crush on all things stationery a legitimacy it wouldn't otherwise have.  But I think the biggest thing I get from them is a success I'd not have otherwise.

Long term memory is a bit of a hurdle for me, as is planing, organizing, storing important information,  and maintaining order in general.  To combat all of this I make lists, review my pages, and rewrite a lot.  

While many organizing experts feel rewriting is a waste of time (and I'm sure it is... for them), for me it gives an order to chaos.   A planner really does work for me for a lot of reason but I think it's the writing and rewriting that does the trick - and there is a lot of data to show it's an effective strategy.

From Mindtools: Rewriting and reorganizing your notes is another great way to review information. This might seem like a waste of time at first. However, rewriting can be a very effective method for reinforcing what you've learned. Research shows that the act of rewriting notes helps us clarify our understanding."  To remember what we've learned, we need to commit information to our long-term memory. A great way of doing this is by reviewing information regularly."

 I have to wonder if just regularly reviewing information will work as well as all the rewriting.   I've been considering different ways to keep the information constantly in front of me,  to see if it will be as effective as the repetition of rewriting.

  I decided to start small,  things I need from the grocery store  because if I forget to buy my favorite coffee creamer.... I'll be bummed but in the grand scheme of the universe it's small potatoes.

I wrote commonly purchased items on flags and stick what ever I need on a laminated card I made. It's bright, it's attracts my eye and hopefully it will work.  

But if not, eh....I'll just go back to rewriting  and be okay with that.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” - Robert F. Kennedy


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