The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2014-01-05

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goose poop

In the last year my little planner addiction became 'individually' more expensive.  I say individually because each item costs more but I've been buying less things.  For me, buying higher quality products is a less aggravating, and a better way to divvy up disposable income.

Spending more per item has brought me closer to owning only things that work; the major reason being I spend  considerable time deciding on, and saving up for, expensive items.

 Historically, I don't put much thought into cheap, clearance items.   With them it's all impulse and rushing hormones. I see it, I want it, and I buy it before I know it what hit me.   In minutes,  I'm driving home with two bags of stuff that might as well be goose poop for all I remember...  But oh! What a deal it was!

 That just doesn't work for me anymore.  The cost of items isn't just about how much you pay initially.  It's about storing all that stuff, the pressure to use it, and all the things I can't buy because now the cash envelopes are full of dollar bin post it IOU's  instead of money.

In the last few months, and on into 2014, I've been considering the cost per use rather then the ticket price.

I'd always shopped sticker price but all that's gotten me is more stuff then I have room for or can use up.  Functional items, even very expensive functional items, that work always cost less per use.(Original priced divided by the times you use it...)

If you look at it that way, a Louis Vuitton or Gillio agenda ends up being a better deal in the long run.  A Filofax, at full price in the perfect color, straight off the website, that I love and use daily will cost less then a dollar per use very soon...  And will serve me better then the five I found on clearance a few months ago and sold almost immediately.

It's certainly possible that I will want a new Filofax this year, we are only months away from the new line and I'm saving my money already.  I've got a change jar specifically for my next planner that is filling up nicely!   If I see one I want I'll count it all up and see how I did... if I'm not close enough I'll just wait...

Waiting is very underrated.  As Carl Sagen said, Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.   And I hope it's fabulous! 


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