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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The soft pile at ground zero

A few hours ago I had a planner related meltdown on facebook.  Everyone was so kind about it; coming up with suggestions and offering assistance.  You guys got me though this afternoon....

Since that status update I had occasion to walk Ventura and as often is the case,  someone did not pick up after their dog.    This time, instead of Ventura brace descending into a soft pile at ground zero, my sandaled feet did.   I suppose there are a lot of possible reactions to this, mine was to have an epiphany.

 Put on your big girl panties Tracy -  There are worse things then planner issues and one of them is squishing up through your toes now.

  I considered all this further as I carried Ventura's bag of doody in one hand and what was once my sandals in the other, to the poop station.  

When I got home I threw out my sandals,  washed my feet several times with anti bacterial soap, followed by an obsessive dousing with alcohol.  Then I tried to get to my happy place and set about righting my planner.    (Although, I suspect my feet will never seem clean  again.)

I had a mix of dated 2014 inserts that can get me to 2015; some English, some not so much.   I was able to dig up a rag tag assortment of single sheets  that I can use as daily pages and I printed the A5 DIYFish  weekly pages (the one that folds over) to use.   That page is the best thing for the way I meal plan. period. Plus I  suspect the  weekly review area and  section about 'whats most important this week"  are exactly what's been missing in my planning.

It's all in my Malden now.   I guess I can't call it a franken-planner because the planner isn't a jumble of parts....  But if my planner was a band I'd call it Mr. Malden and the Franken-serts...


Giftie Etcetera 8/10/14, 7:05 PM  

Glad you found something to get you through. Planner fail is real. And it's rough.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/10/14, 7:09 PM  

Giftie, it was a tough day for sure... Thanks for the comment - some days the connection really helps. Like today :)

sigigi 8/10/14, 7:34 PM  

You have just proven you are what you are. Strong.

Deborah- Jane 8/10/14, 8:02 PM  

I knew you would get through this planner fail. You are the little train that ├žould and always will be amazing

Bettyann Schmidt 8/10/14, 9:58 PM  

Maybe the next time I step in chicken zoo here on the farm, I'll have a planner epiphany. ;-). Seriously, Tracy, I'm glad you got through this. And hoping your feet feel clean again.

Bettyann Schmidt 8/10/14, 10:00 PM  

Chicken "do," not zoo.

MySummerTouch 8/11/14, 12:07 AM  

Posting my comments for the 3rd time already...!
I'm glad that you have figured that out! So why have you moved to an A5 ff from your personal Portland? Because of your Hobonichi to use together with?

paperscribe 8/11/14, 12:48 PM  

The only time I heard my late father in law curse, or show anything other than a Buddha-like calm, was when he stepped into a pile at a rest stop. Kudos to you for moving on.

Giftie Etcetera 8/12/14, 1:57 PM  


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