The Crazy Suburban Mom: Thank you all

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thank you all

I had some goals when I started my blog in February 2009. For many of those years I blogged every single day. I blogged on weekends, I blogged when I was on vacation and when I wasn't blogging, I was thinking about it and learning how to do it better. It energized me, made me feel connected and creative.
I focused on it, networked... tried to grow it into something special. In the last two years or so I moved to posting only few times a week but at this point it's only monthly. I used to love doing the posts and I worked very hard to make whatever I had to say entertaining, no matter the subject.
But coming up with original content is very time consuming when you are the only one writing - and honestly, I've not met the goals I set for myself. Maybe that is why it doesn't feel fun anymore or maybe I've just done it so long I'm burned out... I'm really not sure. I'm not sure it matters.
I think it might be time to just let it go. Chalk it up to something worth while that I'm proud to have done but didn't go as I'd planned. Maybe the space left by letting go will make room for other ways to be creative that might be more fulfilling.
I want to thank everyone who has ever read my posts, the long ones, the short ones, and especially the ones with the crazy crazy titles. At this time my blog has had over half a million hits... so please accept half a million thank yous - it's been a great ride and a wonderful journey....
Love you all,
tracy - the crazy suburban mom who doesn't feel all that crazy anymore.


Jennifer Bunagan Reyes 8/15/14, 3:07 AM  

Tracy! I wanted to tell you that you were one of my very first inspirations for start in my blog. I don't think I could've have gotten as far as I did without your crazy posts. Thank you for your time and efforts into sharing what you did with us. Wishing you the best of luck and I'll see you around Instagram still I hope!

Susan Mac 8/15/14, 8:07 AM  

Oh Tracy--I just hate it that you're going to stop! Yours was the first blog I ever read about Filofaxes; it led me to a really wonderful group of other blogs and to my beautiful Holborns, etc, etc, etc.
Thank you for all your hilarious posts--I'm pretty sure that I've read every single one.
I hope things turn out happily for you.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/15/14, 8:22 AM  

Thank you Jenn, I had no idea, I really didn't. I do plan on staying on instagram and probably facebook... As to youtube videos I'm not sure about it yet, but I think so. Your comment really touched me Jenn, made me cry. Thank you so much for saying what you said.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/15/14, 8:24 AM  

Susan Mac, thank you so much -- I don't even know what to say except it wasn't an easy decision. Everyones kind words have brought me to tears. Tracy

Amanda (from Paper, Pens and Ink) 8/15/14, 8:54 AM  

I'm SO sad to hear that you're hanging up your blogging-hat!! I have love, love, LOVED reading your blog, I honestly have.
If you ever want to write a one-off post (or even a series!), you will always have a space available at Paper, Pens and Ink if you want it.
Wishing you all health, happiness and fun in the future!

Anita Lim 8/15/14, 10:53 AM  

I'm also sad that you'll be leaving us & like Amanda says, you'd also be welcome to guest post on my blog if you fancied it. I've loved your posts & thank you you for the all the time & effort that you've put into this blog. Wishing you all the best :)

Tracy Reinhardt 8/15/14, 11:35 AM  

Amanda - You guys are all making me cry - Every time I read another comment I just well up with emotion... I really had no idea how everyone felt and to hear it all at once it's just... overwhelming - its ... I don't even know. I'm kind of speechless about it all and in awe of everyone's kindness... Thank you for the offer of guest posts - I hadn't really thought about doing it, but I think that would be nice actually... The more people suggest it to me the more it growing on me. Give me a few weeks downtime - but if you think of something you might like to see on your blog let me know. I would be honored to be on your blog

SF 8/15/14, 11:36 AM  

Oh Tracy I'm so sorry you are going. There were bad days when reading your blogs and laughing were what kept me going. I do hope all is well with you and maybe we can hear from you once in a while. I am so amazed by your artistic talent, it was such fun to see what you were doing. And then Ventura the Wonder Dog! Take care of yourself and God Bless you.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/15/14, 11:41 AM  

Anita, I just left a comment for Amanda and everything I said to her goes for you as well... It's all been very emotional for me... I'm a little floored. Your offers of guest posting is such an honor...As I said to her, give me a few weeks and if there's something you'd like me to do, let me know. I don't want to drop out of the planner community and this might be a nice way to stay connected.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/15/14, 12:05 PM  

SF - You guys are making me cry... all of these things just touch me so much... I'm still around on facebook, instagram, and youtube. Blogging was so consuming - all the prep and the time writing and editing and everything involved with running a blog - I was never quite able to make it what I intended it to be.... A few people have suggested guest posts and that is a possibility. I'm so thankful for what you said, there were many days, weeks... long periods of time I had no idea that what I did had an impact at all... I'm grateful that I was able to touch people in this way and even more grateful that you've shared that I did. Tracy

Bree 8/15/14, 12:06 PM  

I can totally understand being done with blogging. I recently decided the same. Writing is creatively intensive. Hope to still run across you in planner world :)

Antonia Tillman 8/15/14, 1:00 PM  

:( Tracy, I don't comment on blogs that often , but I just want to say you and your words will be MISSED! I am happy you will be around on other forums as I have seem you around :) Thank you for sharing and Best of Luck!

Amanda Carter 8/15/14, 1:25 PM  

Tracey I found your blog through a post shared on the dodo pad Facebook page and loved, loved, loved it! Since then I have stopped by and read all your posts starting at the beginning because you are so honest with what you say and bloody funny. I started my blog a little while after that because, like Jen, you inspired me too. I will gladly follow wherever you choose to guest post in the future and I hope they will have your usual crazy titles!
Take care,
Amanda (She's Eclectic)

Amanda Carter 8/15/14, 1:27 PM  

Sorry, the English speller inside me added the e to your name >.<

Aimless Allee 8/15/14, 1:29 PM  

Very sad to hear this news! I found you from Philofaxy in 2011, maybe 12. In that time, I have read lots of blogs & watched many videos. Some I still do, many I pass on. But when I see you in my feed, I always read/watch. You are such an inspiration. Love your writing style, but I especially love your art. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, but you have inspired me to try. Just yesterday I was re-reading and re-watching your stuff for inspiration. I thank you for helping me to try something new. I hope you pop up here & there...

Shadow Wolf 8/15/14, 10:58 PM  

You know how much I love your posts, but what makes me love them is your gorgeous personality that shines through them. It has been a privilege to share your life through your posts and videos, and your posts will be very much missed - but you can see everyone understands your feelings. Guest posts would be a lovely way to let this live on though. If I have anything to share that would be useful to you, I'd be happy to try writing myself even though I've never had a blog :)

Cruz Johnson 8/16/14, 1:21 AM  

I'm so sorry to hear you're leaving the blogosphere behind, Tracy. I love your crazy suburban posts and videos.

DonnaB 8/16/14, 3:49 AM  

Sorry to hear you are leaving the blog behind Tracy. I've enjoyed reading them and will miss your posts. I hope you do some guest posts on other blogs. The most important thing is to enjoy life and if something enjoyable becomes a chore it's good to reconsider things. Thanks for all the enjoyment you've given me and your other readers.

Morag 8/16/14, 5:43 AM  

I'll miss the crazy titles of your posts that made me laugh out loud when I saw them in my email inbox. I have totally enjoyed seeing your artwork develop - you are a very talented lady! But I completely understand the reasons for your decision and hope you continue to make videos very once in a while. You are quite the icon in the FF community. Morag

WellPlannedLife 8/16/14, 8:22 AM  

Oh, Tracy, I'm so sorry to hear this. But I have thought abut giving up my blog many times, so I get where you're coming from. As much as I love it, it is very time-consuming and I have never felt more time-related pressures since starting my blog. At this point, I still enjoy it and still have ideas, so I'm sticking with it for now.

Your blog and writing style appeals to so many and is one of the reasons this community has grown by leaps and bounds.

To say that I and others will miss your writing is an understatement. We're sad to see you go but we are grateful for all that you have given us.

- Kanalt

Kimmie 8/16/14, 10:35 AM  

Blogging isn't fun when you feel like you "have to". Your's was the first I turned to when I needed more planner. Thanks for all your tips and fun pages and honesty!!!!!

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:12 PM  

Allee - This is so hard, honestly I had no idea how so many people felt. I'm really overwhelmed, humbled and very very grateful to you all. I'm still on facebook and instagram and probably will continue on youtube.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:14 PM  

Bree- I'm not planning on dropping out of the planner community and I'm still on facebook and instagram - and most likely will continue on youtube

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:15 PM  

Antonia - Thank you so much for letting me know - I had no idea it would matter so much to everyone

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:18 PM  

Amanda - Thank you so much! Of all thing things I tried to do it was to be entertaining.... I've posted very few posts that I considered strictly informational - I really did try and go for something fun to read. Thank you so much for letting me know, thank you SO much

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:20 PM  

Shadow Wolf, I'm still on facebook and instagram and probably will continue with youtube - Thank you so much for letting me know what I did mattered to you and for the kind things you said about me... Thank you so much for that :)

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:21 PM  

Cruz - it's all very difficult sometimes... But the kindness everyone has shown me is overwhelming... I'm still around and probably will continue with youtube :)

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:23 PM  

DonnaB -Its just that I had had some goals I wanted out of my blog and they just never panned out. I've known it for some time but should have faced it sooner... Its very difficult and I wish it had turned out differently.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:24 PM  

Morag, ah honey :) Thank you... I do plan to continue with youtube and am still on facebook and instagram... and of course we can still write :)

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:28 PM  

Kanault I really had no idea people felt this way. I've felt sort of lonely lately... Videos are easier to watch then blogs are to read and mine tended to be twice as long as most... I really just thought people had moved on from me. And found videos preferable to reading and wanted something different then I was producing. I do do videos but I know they aren't as good as others, or as good as my blog. I'm pretty shy and on camera and in person I'm not really funny :) It's just in writing that I seem to be able to connect words like that.... I'm so grateful for your kind words... and for reading my nonsense all these years

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/14, 5:29 PM  

Kimmie - thank you. Everyones kind words has meant so much to me... Everytime I go back to this post to respond I start crying all over again.

LJ 8/17/14, 1:58 AM  

Hmm - I left a huge comment on FB for you - but it seems to have been eaten and I can´t remember exactly what I wrote. I do remember saying though that your blog is awesome, but you shouldn´t put pressure on yourself to do something which no longer brings you joy. Be kind to yourself, you are creative and beautiful.

Winter Tree, 8/17/14, 4:37 PM  

Best of luck with your next endeavours Tracy , love your posters :)

Winter Tree, 8/17/14, 4:37 PM  

Posts... Grrr autocorrect fail :D

Seashell 8/27/14, 1:42 PM  

Hi Tracy,

I almost never leave comments to people I don't know in "real life". However, I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your posts. I appreciate how much work goes into writing and maintaining a blog (that is why I never managed to launch one myself!), so I understand why you're retiring! Just want to express my thanks for all your hard work. Visiting your blog and watching your videos has been a huge comfort to me.

Glad to hear you're considering continuing with youtube. As a subscriber, I watch all your videos and find them very inspiring, informative, and relaxing to watch.

Best of luck in the future! :)

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