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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Planner Gestalt

I'm using two separate planners to make one cohesive organizing system that makes sense to me.  My Filofax has attributes the Hobonichi Cousin doesn't and visa versa. I've never been able to use two planners and really, I'm still not.  Each does something different and their jobs don't overlap.

I've had a lot of questions about how this is working and specifically what am I doing so I did a follow up video to try and answer the questions...  If I forgot anything please let me know!

According to Wiki - "...the human mind considers objects in their entirety before, or in parallel with, perception of their individual parts; suggesting the whole is other than the sum of its parts."

And that rings true to me.  It's not just the binder, or the pages, or sections, or notes.  Not just or the sticky tabs and pens and lists and clips.  It's also  thing individually AND  together.

  In the gestalt of planning, this makes perfect sense....   On one hand it's a Filofax, on the other hand a Hobonichi.... and in the realm of gestalt it seems there's a third hand, everything together.  



T-na 7/15/14, 8:55 PM  

What is the width of the columns in the week on 2 pages (of the Hobonichi Cousin)?


Lorin 7/16/14, 7:20 PM  

Yes, it is interesting... I'm still trying to figure out what works best...

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