The Crazy Suburban Mom: New Pen Tests Part 2, The Pilot G2 Pens.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Pen Tests Part 2, The Pilot G2 Pens.

I haven't had a Pilot G2 in quite a while but they were the first type of pen I ordered en masse.  While I've used planners for ages I only went hard core a few years ago and the G2's were my initial pen crush.  I was putty in their hands and helpless to resist their clean, unique colors and great price ($1.50 at Jetpens).

According to the Pilot website, the G2 is Americas #1 selling gel ink pen, and "contains a dynamic gel ink formulated for smooth and long lasting writing. Retractable and refillable, G2 gel ink writes 2X longer than the average of branded gel ink pens." They describe them as "the longest lasting gel ink pen, retractable, refillable, and comfortable.

I have to agree, they are smooth on all paper types and when I think about all my pens, they DO last  long.  I've gone through one Coleto refill after another but the G2 pens just march on like ever-ready little colorful penmanship soldiers.  

The drying time is somewhere in the middle of the gel pen family, a bit longer then Coleto ink and shorter then Juice Pens, much shorter on many papers.  Pilot refers to them as smear proof, but in my experience that is only if they stay dry;  they don't hold up to getting wet or with most highlighters.

That said, they are a great bargain,  come in many colors, some truly unique,  and are probably the best, smoothest writing,  pen I can find locally. They are  the first pens I bought for my son to decrease the work of writing in school, the comfort grip and smooth ink made a difference for him and the cost assured when (not if) he lost the pen I wouldn't have screaming-mommy-conniption.

I got four colors with my last jetpens order; teal, lime, periwinkle and caramel.  All the pens write smoothly and two of them - the periwinkle and caramel - are colors I've not found in other brands.  That's saying a lot, I'm lousy with writing implements.

Enlarge picture for specifics.... 

All these pens can be found at Jetpens, click the pretty planner logo below to get there


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