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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Pen Tests Part 1, Frixions

I ordered some pens recently, hadn't done that in ages because for months (and months and months) my go to writing implement has been a Grey 0.7 pilot juice pen.  I love the Juice pens, they are like a reliable old friend. I  know with every fiber of my being if I put a Juice to paper it will write cleanly, smoothly, and without skipping.

So why the order?

Three reasons.   First, the drying time of Juice pens is pretty extended on the Tomoe River paper so I've been writing with other pens when I need to  write and go, second, I was reading pen reviews last week and missed having a large selection of pens that make a boring to-do list sparkle like multi-colored jewels (Nothing cuts the sting of a 'clean your toilet' notation in my to do list like a pen the color of a tropical flower) , and third ...  beautifully colored pens are great for the little drawings I do in my planner and I hadn't purchased pens in so long I didn't have much variety.

The Frixions

I ordered three Frixion pens in the 0.7 width to add to the grey one I own.  I use the grey one frequently as it dried faster then the juice pens but I wanted to try some of the colors. An interesting aside:  They rely on the heat generated by rubbing the eraser to remove ink and on smooth paper it's a little more challenging then on a toothier paper.  They work best if you allow them to dry first but you really do have to rub enthusiastically to remove them from Tomoe River paper.

The Violet Frixion might be the most unique pen color I've had in ages, maybe ever.   There are a lot of purple pens but this color is more a beautiful opaque orchid  and I've never seen it in any other pen, not even any of the Frixions.  Its a beautiful shade of purple that leans a bit towards pink without becoming magenta.  Truly a singular color in ink.  The only thing I've seen close to this color is the Filofax Aston in Orchid.

The Light Blue Frixion is a beautiful clear aqua.   It's a really striking color.  I've had similar colors but their print always reads much lighter.  This pen is a lovely medium turquoise that doesn't lean too blue or too green.  It's the color I think of when I think aqua and in fact it looks very much like the Aqua Finsbury....    (You know you're a planner geek when all colors remind you of Filofaxes) 

The Lime Green Frixion is another interesting color.  Many pens called green are more  a dark serviceable green, nothing wrong with that really but they lack a bit of punch, of pizzazz.   Any variations in green usually fall into apple green which is okay but not very unique.   The Lime green Frixion looks like highlighter green to me....  bright,  vibrant and unique for a writing pen.  

These 0.7 pens lay down a lot of color without being a big goopy mess.  They dry faster then Pilot Juice ink and erase (with a little effort on smooth paper).   The only downside (for me) is they are capped and lack a pen clip so carrying them around is a bit of a how-do-I-carry-this.  

 Frixion ink varies and while these lay down striking rainbows of color, my grey pen from the same line, doesn't make as a strong a statement, it seems less pigmented.  In a lot of ways they remind me of the Sakura Gelly Roll pens for their bold colors and strong presence on paper. At $2.15 they are a great value. The ink doesn't run out quickly and their pizzazz factor is very high on the pizzazzy scale.

Here is a pen test I did yesterday, the three Frixion pens are on the bottom.    I will do a follow up to this post for my other new inky beauties.

All these pens can be found at Jetpens, click the pretty planner logo below to get there


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