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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The ' I bit the bullet journal ' giveaway

Part 2 of my Minted posts. (Part 1 is here)

As much as I love  traditional planning systems, my 'notes to self' get lost in the sauce of daily events.  I needed something different to create order.  I thought a one subject bullet journal could be a solution and I tested it on recipes.  

Been fascinated with #bulletjournals lately so I made a recipe book using the format with my #minted custom notebook. The quality is great, you can choose graph, lined or blank and customize the cover. Post about it next week with pen test and giveaway!

As soon as my journal from Minted arrived, I started adding tried and true recipes.  I try new recipes all the time, looking for the next keeper, but not all work out. Some go directly from pot to garbage disposal without  hitting a plate.

The set up was an easy process;  I made the first page an index and numbered all the rest.  No pages go to waste because I write the recipes one after the other and everything is searchable on the index.

This could work for any subject.  Think: Vacation ideas, gift or wish lists, decorating ideas, or lists of pros and cons.  The next one I want to start is home inventory notebook. Each item would have a page (where purchased, warranty information, issues, service calls,  phone numbers, etc. )   

I have a second one to give away.


 I love this cover; it's simple and ticks my 'stationery nerd' box. It's 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches and I configured it like the recipe notebook (There are other options though; spiral binding, address format, and planner options)   Plus each notebook comes sleeved, with a gift tag. 

BeFunky Matte on iPhone

The paper is impressive taking most inks without blinking (including several highlighters I usually have issues with).

BeFunky Fill Light on iPhone

Only two pens, both markers, had bleed through; a wet felt tip and a Sharpie (No surprise there).  

The giveaway is open worldwide and will end May 7th, 2014 at 6:00 pm (EST) The winner must contact me by May 10th or I will have to pick another name so please follow me somewhere!

Please comment on this post to enter.  You can comment more then once but not more then once a day please.     I'd love to hear your thoughts about a one-topic bullet journal but you can leave other kinds of comments: What are your plans for the notebook? Have you ever seen the @minted Instagram photos,  liked their Facebook page or Twitter account?

Good Luck, Everyone!

PS - If you read yesterday's post about the quote I got from Michael's to frame my Minted print, it was $125.  Not entirely unreasonable until you realize I asked for their lowest end frame and the price reflected a 70% discount.  Over $400 Michael's... Really?   I'm letting Minted frame my next print.

DisclaimerMinted provided me with a credit that covered part of the order. I purchased the rest.


LovelyRenae 4/23/14, 10:13 AM  

I would love to win this notebook. Maybe a good idea for a bullet journal would be book reviews/notes. I read a lot so it would nice to keep a record all in one place.

Thank you for doing this giveaway!

Denise 4/23/14, 10:36 AM  

I've been thinking about bullet journaling to track blog post and social media promotions. This looks like a good one to try that out.

Daiseylee Guerrero 4/23/14, 10:51 AM  

♥♥♥ I would love this !!!!! ♥♥♥
thank you for doing this giveaway

Daiseylee Guerrero 4/23/14, 10:51 AM  

♥♥♥ I would love this !!!!! ♥♥♥
thank you for doing this giveaway

Kels 4/23/14, 12:16 PM  

*crossing fingers* i would love to win!! awesome giveaway :)

i think I'd use it to track my son's learning progress

Isabellissima 4/23/14, 12:24 PM  

Pick me!!! Would go great with my 'art of lists' book.

Joy Rothke 4/23/14, 2:15 PM  

I think it might work well for tracking hobbies. 4/23/14, 5:24 PM  

That's an interesting idea for recipes. I'm going to play around with that.

Would love to win the journal.

lee 4/24/14, 12:49 AM  

I would love to win this journal! I would think it would be great for recipes too.

Good giveaway, great hostess!

4athomej 4/24/14, 1:11 AM  

The recipe book idea is so awesome....I have them everywhere...I already bullet just never thought to do that...would love a more in depth look...

lois3 4/25/14, 10:20 AM  

I would love to win, so i can keep track of my collections of different things, tfg

Anonymous,  4/25/14, 12:15 PM  

I would love this and would use it just as you have, as a recipe book. Thanks for the chance to win!

FaithOnACloud 4/25/14, 12:47 PM  

I would love to win this to keep a record of my penpals and addresses etc. Thanks for the chance for winning xx

Wei journ 4/25/14, 12:49 PM  

I started bullet journalling at the end of February and I really like it. I've decided though that I want to split it up somehow but haven't worked out how I'd like to do it. I think I would like to use this kind of journal for tracking my health or a to-do-list.

Tumama 4/25/14, 1:48 PM  

This will be great to keep track of my homework. BTW I love your idea of using this for recipe too......too many possibilities!!

Danni Lawrence 4/25/14, 3:26 PM  

I think this would be perfect for keeping lists of writing prompts in :)

Marlene 4/25/14, 8:59 PM  

I would love to have this journal to list ideas for activities for my kindergarten classroom. I read a lot on blogs and websites, but could use a pace to jot them down.

Art Journey 4/26/14, 1:54 AM  

What a lovely journal! And a very thorough review. Love your videos and stationery reviews Tracy!

I really fancy biting the bullet (haha!) and trying bullet journaling, but like you I don't think I could do for *everything*, so I think I'd like the one topic approach. I start with household tasks and jobs, these build up and slide so easily,

Thanks for the chance to win Tracy! x

M. Kaitaniemi 4/26/14, 4:42 AM  

As a new in bullet journaling this would be nice. So hoping the best. But still who ever wins congrats already.

MySummerTouch 4/26/14, 6:20 AM  

Thanks for this giveaway! I 'd love to win it! :)

Morag 4/26/14, 1:14 PM  

Thanks for the givewaway. The Minted book looks amazing. I am currently trialling bullet journalling in my Midori but have to keep printing out more pages so this would be much better.

Zoe Archer 4/27/14, 10:53 AM  

Thankyou for doing a giveaway. I have never done bullet journalling before and this would be brilliant at helping me join the world of bullet journalling.

Mommy Reporter 4/27/14, 1:27 PM  

This is such a cute little journal. I love the colors and the size. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway, good luck everyone!!!

Leticia Carreiro 4/27/14, 10:42 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leticia Carreiro 4/27/14, 10:43 PM  

One-topic bullet journal is brilliant. This will be great to keep track of my homework and things related to college.

Thanks for the giveaway :)

lee 4/28/14, 2:07 AM  

This would be a great journal to use for household cleaning responsibilities...if I did them! If I had this planner, I would have no excuse not to!

Ankica 5/1/14, 12:39 PM  

love reading your blog. :) This is my first time posting. :)

I have no idea if I would be able to keep this kind of system, but I would try with something related to cooking since I don't cook haha.

Deb 5/2/14, 1:31 PM  

Great journal and I agree with the "stationary nerd" comment. Too funny! I'm just starting my bullet journaling journey.

Katie M. 5/3/14, 12:33 AM  

Hello! I have been very interested in trying out a bullet journal so I was super excited to see this giveaway! :-) I had never heard of Minted before now but I'm definitely going to go and check out their site! Thanks!

FaithOnACloud 5/3/14, 4:10 AM  

Would love to win, Thanks xx

Hoodlumsx4 5/8/14, 7:02 AM  

I would love to win this journal! Thanks!!

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