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Monday, April 14, 2014

That relentless planner itch

After using the Hobonichi Techo planner for a bit I've got some things to share but I'm leaving that for the next post.   I want to digress first.

 I obsess over other people's planners. It's my own fault; I stalk planner pictures.  Mostly I'm fine just admiring from afar but every once in a while I see some delicious bit of geekery and the floor drops out from under me and my heart gives a resounding, THUD!    

From then on it's hard to think of anything else and especially hard to look at what I'm currently using without a mournful sigh.   Many times it's the planner itself but more then many times it's what the person has done with it.   The neat, ordered zen like ones are like islands of calm in life's frenzy, the colorful artsy ones make me feel all giggly like a five year old with a new pair of red patent leather Mary Janes....   

I have a hard time stepping back from the excitement.  It's energizing.  It's fun.  It screams the possibility of what could be....

The problem is I can't replicate another's planning style, and  it won't work if I could.  I load up carts , take things out, and load them up again more times then I care to admit.  It's sort of the online shopping version of musical chairs...   As my finger hovers over the send button I do everything I can to just steel my resolve , "Back away from the "order" button, Tracy.  Just back away....."

I say all that because there is a lot to love about the Hobonichi but if your planning style is best suited for what a ringed binder provides; using a Hobonichi will have a long learning curve, at best.  
 I waited two years to get one which, granted, was crazy, but switching around makes me anxious and I'd never used a bound planner before.  It pays to give any switch a  thoughtful look in the cold light of day (but don't wait two years, that's just nuts)   Especially before changing something that works for something that you have an inkling won't.    Sometimes, for me, reason gets thrown out the window when staring at the excitement of possibility all wrapped up in pretty colors.   


 I do my best to rein in the frenzy but after two years of obsessing I caved.   It seemed a logical time as I'm doing #Project365 for artwork.   I've been doing it since February sort of randomly; some art is in my Filofax, some in my Midori...  Some on single paper pages who knows where.   I thought the Hobonichi would allow me  to consolidate the artwork in one location and plan at the same time.

pages on my hobonichi cousin

My goal for Project 365 is the artwork will get better over the year and having it in one location will make the whole process simpler. Plus the  planning sections are very similar in format to I've been using (albeit in a different order).

falling flowers

Either it will all work, or all fail, but more likely will hit some shade of gray closer to one end or the other.  Life and planners live in shades of gray.  Historically what works for me isn't something that works everyday in every way but something that works  best for what I need most at that moment in time.

ventura sees the atlantic ocean

No matter how planning goes my art should improve with practice which is the point of doing Project 365.   And even if the worst case scenario happens (nothing works) I've  scratched that relentless planner itch and can move on.

Next post will be about the Hobonichi itself and not my convoluted path to it....


Lisa Rides Again 4/14/14, 2:27 PM  

Thank you for sharing that. It makes me feel better about my planner issues :0D

SNARLing: 4/14/14, 9:21 PM  

totally in the same boat. I've been trying sadoodleaday on Instagram. I've been drawing in my FILO or the hobonichi and have switched to the star edition mtn which means I've not been doing anything. you're right tho it depends on the moment and what 'feels' right whether it be felt tip on toothy paper or a needlepoint on that yummy thin hobo (also got davinci blanks for the FILO and some if that tomoe river stuff - haven't tried it yet. I either go for that super thin stuff with ohto needle crinkle mark making or graphite on midori md paper which oddly doesn't seem to come in the original size. I'm just starting to let myself he fickle with the drawing stuff much like I was with filos before (not somuch anymore thank god! I'm so happy to be in at least this point with drawing as opposed to before. I get so distracted so easily. incidentally, I will be selling a bunch of my distractions soon so I can buy more pens and paper heh heh. I'm going to have to look into that project365

Tracy Reinhardt 4/15/14, 8:37 AM  

Lisa - It's frustrating isn't it??

Snarling - The project 365 is meant to be one a day for a year but I'm just doing it as 365 in how ever long it takes... I started in late Feb I think and am on 43 I think. I'm trying to get myself to draw more regularly, not make it painful!

Anita Lim 4/24/14, 6:42 AM  

I seem to have settled down a bit now, but I used to always be watching different planners on eBay & nearly buying ones. I found myself recently considering a Raydori (which are lovely), but I have managed to put myself off as a) I'm going to use what I already have & b) I know that I'd miss the flexibility of the rings.

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