The Crazy Suburban Mom: Pen tests on Tomoe River Paper

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pen tests on Tomoe River Paper

I just uploaded a 'What's in my Hobonichi Cousin' video  to Youtube (and it's embedded at the bottom of this post) but wanted to add the ink test pictures that I did comparing the Pilot Juice Pen and the Frixion Pen 0.7 (both in grey) on the Tomoe River paper.  Tomoe River paper is wonderful and doesn't absorb ink the way most paper does, rather the ink sits on the surface.  It's the paper in the Hobonichi as well as the Ray May Davinci Filofax compatible inserts.

This makes it great for fountain pen users and despite the paper being thin it's amazing for many pens that go right through most inserts.   The caveat here is drying times tend to be longer, sometimes much longer (particularly with gel pens).

Recently I switched to the grey frixion from the pen I've used daily for probably a year, the pilot juice pens.

When you look at the video and see the pictures it will be obvious why.


No matter how long I waited I had little ink dots on the facing page..   

Yikes, right?


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