The Crazy Suburban Mom: How I almost caused the Earth to spin off it's axis and rocket into space....

Monday, April 21, 2014

How I almost caused the Earth to spin off it's axis and rocket into space....

Redoing my bedroom was overwhelming.   I know some people love redecorating but it makes me itch. I procrastinate over the most ridiculous detail out of fear;  worried I'll make the wrong choice wherein the Earth spins off it's axis and rockets into deep space; a rainbow trail of paint chips in it's wake.

There are amazing people out there, people who can put together the many parts of a room, both big and small, in their heads and when all assembled, the room looks like the cover of a decorating magazine. Sadly, that is not my gift.

I always end up with  rooms that are coordinated (but I hate), or rooms stuffed to busting with things I adore but don't go together.   Either way I had a room I hated to be in with no money left to fix it.

I was determined that this time my bedroom wouldn't go that way.   So I took my time, but not so much time that I was procrastinating, and set a budget. I used what I already had...

photo1 (5)

I put the flatscreen on the 15 year old desk hutch from my son's first bedroom set.  This is not a perfect solution but it works, it was free, and it kept the Earth from hurdling into space.  

 I made what I could.

photo1 (3)

I made this bookend for my magazines with dollar store  marbles and vase,  and shopped for the rest.


The furniture I bought used, the bed, flooring and rug new.  The lamps came from thrift shops and once when I wasn't looking Ventura ordered half a room full of dog beds.


The inevitable result of saved information and a tall, tall dog...

Most of the room was done a few months back but I needed art to go over my bed.   I looked and shopped and looked and shopped but nothing was scratching that retro itch until Minted sent me an email about their wall art prints.   They wanted me to review a print and I said, "Thanks so much for thinking of me but it's not really what I do.  See, I have this goofy paper obsession and usually write about that."

Minted wrote me back and said, "Oh paper!  We've got paper!"   And they do, lots and lots of high quality stationery, notebooks, party supplies, and business products, most customizable.   I wasn't convinced yet but after about a week of looking I had to agree...  They have tons of papery goodness and I agreed to do a review on the paper products.

Once I got to shopping though I was finding artwork, perfect for above my bed.   Minted provided me with a credit to shop but I ended up paying for part of my purchase because the heart wants what the heart wants.   

And the heart wanted this...


Its a 24" x 24" print called The Moderne and I am crazy about it.   It is available in three color combinations, six sizes, and fourteen options for framing (or unframed).  I bought it unframed because I thought I could frame it cheaper.  If I had it to do over again I'd get it delivered to my door ready to hang on the wall because it wasn't cheaper and framing is a big yuk face.  

I'm going to do a part two to this post because I have two  notebooks that I haven't even mentioned yet; one is my recipe notebook and one I customized to give away.    

notebook journal from #minted

When I first saw it I knew that it could be a great diary or bullet journal.   I'll post again tomorrow with the giveaway details as well as some general information about Minted, their artwork, product categories, paper specifications, pen tests, as well as how much Michael's wanted to frame my print. 

You will not believe it.


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