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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm curious....

How much does everyone's planner weigh?    I'll start...

I put my A5 Malden on a Weight Watchers scale this morning (appropriate, right?) and here are the results; first in pounds...

BeFunky B&W Warmer on iPhone

And in grams...

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

Grams seems so much bigger.  You couldn't get me on a metric scale with the promise of a calorie free pizza.


LenaF 3/11/14, 11:43 AM  

Mine is 926 grams. Almost like 1 liter of water :-).

mstraat 3/11/14, 11:50 AM  

My pocket Filofax is 228g but I also always carry my journal and that is 400g. So total is 1.4 pounds. But maybe I should weigh my pencil case too. . .

Deborah- Jane 3/11/14, 12:05 PM  

I have two each weighs 1 kg or 2 lbs

Tracy Reinhardt 3/11/14, 12:09 PM  

Lena - They get so big don't they??

mstraat - update me on the pencil case - they get HUGE!

Deborah-Jane - do you carry both??

mstraat 3/11/14, 9:25 PM  

The pencil case is 173g (6oz) so added to the planner and journal my total is actually 801g, which is 1.8 pounds. That's almost 2 pounds. Eek. No wonder my bag seems heavy!

Bree 3/12/14, 10:18 PM  

My daily carry Kate Spade Personal weighs 592g, 1lb 4.75 oz.

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