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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Canine social media and my Filofax organizers

I've been using my Portland Personal as a wallet/price book for about two months and it's been a success.  My only trepidation, a personal being bigger then a pocket, turned out to be a non-issue. That I could put my pocket Rio in an actual pocket was very convenient but the longer I use a Filofax, any Filofax,  as a wallet the less I bring a purse.

I go out several times a day and that's a lot of  not dragging around a bag the size of a carry on. I go on a lot of short car trips because I don't walk Ventura as much as I chauffeur around town, and it is really nice not to be chained to a big bag.

Granted, I don't have pockets that accommodate my personal but I just throw it on the passenger seat and let it ride shot-gun while Ventura and I scout for the perfect spot to access the world of canine  Four Square.   He's very into doggy social media. No p-mail or download goes un-responded to...

But here's the thing, this morning I had to do a few errands (renew Ventura's dog license and pick up a few things at the grocery store). I needed to have wallety items and paperwork so I had to bring both.  (I not only plan in my bomber-jacket-sexy Malden but hole-punch important papers and file them in there.)


 I've never been good with paper.  I have a filing cabinet but using remains a mystery.  I've set that thing up half a dozen times - even paid a professional organizer $250 an hour to do it - and I've still got no idea what's in there or where to put anything I want to keep.

Filing important papers in a Filofax means I can access them easily and find what I need without dumping out an entire alphabet of paper on my living room floor.

I renewed Ventura's licence without incident but wouldn't have been able to do it without my Malden.   The township  only takes checks or cash and randomly I'd stuck a check in my Malden months ago.  Next I was off to the grocery store and since I'd made a list as part of my daily to-dos I took my Malden in there too...


At the check out I set my Malden on the counter and you know,  it looked good.  Stylish and important. Substantial, in a good way. And for some reason I felt substantial too (also in a good way).   I felt ready for anything... Prepared.  Secure. And oddly, less anxious then usual.   It got me thinking of all the posts I've read about using an A5 for everything and the folks who drag along a large binder where ever they go.

In the past my thoughts on carrying a full A5 were more a  fun mental exercise then something  I considered doing; it was a lot like pizza.  A slice or two is fabulous but glom down whole pie and all I want to do is barf.

So for all of you rockin' an A5.... Does it make you feel ready to meet the world the way I did this morning?  Does it make you feel substantial and in control?  Does laying it out on the checkout counter make you feel substantial? And oh so stylish...


   I'm reconsidering.


Rhomany 3/5/14, 12:33 PM  

Suggestion for your filing cabinet: take everything out and pop it in a box as it is. Put in a new system that mirrors what you're doing in your filofax, because that's obviously working, for going forward. Deal with the boxes in bits when you have the tike and will. That's what I do, and if you deal with it in chunks once it comes to making space in your filofax, it worjs muvh better.

Tracy Reinhardt 3/5/14, 1:47 PM  

@Rhomany -- That's actually a GREAT idea... I've cleaned in the past using boxes... in sort of the same way. It gives an initial relief and allows you do do a large project in pieces. Going to give this a lot of thought - thanks for this!

jemilyea 3/10/14, 11:51 AM  

At my work, I have quite a bit filed in 3-ring binders, and then have the binders stored in the filing cabinets, because I have more filing cabinets than shelf space. This doesn't have to be a costly project. Because the notebooks are out-of-sight, it's not important to me that they match. Lots of thrift stores have notebooks for sale.

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