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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Big poopy face

At the moment I'm not having planner issues, I'm having habit issues.  There are things beyond a to-do list that need to be done regularly and I struggle with them.   My daily pages are a road map of all undone failures.   I get to-do's done so much better with my Filofax, for sure, but there wasn't a whole lot of self-improvement happening.

And if someone rings the door bell at one in the afternoon and I  have no choice but to answer in pajamas with yesterday's mascara under my eyes it just feels bad... No matter how much I've accomplished up to that point, opening the door looking like a screaming hot mess turns the whole day  into a  big poopy face.

I needed a way to build habits with daily tracking as well as a global view for overall success.  I wanted plenty of room to list things needing work with room to grow (Starting small works best for me).

I decided to use the DIY Fish yearly chart; a bargain at $3.35 on etsy.


It gives me the global view with lots of room to list individual goals in left hand column. The week number rows get a dot when I've done everything I set out to do. I toyed around with writing the number of times I completed each goal per week but decided true success was getting it all done.   For things not accomplished as many times as I'd planned I will put the number of times I completed the goal.

DIY Fish yearly chart

I started with things that are all personal care; the things everyone does daily.  Don't get me wrong, I shower and dress... Just frequently not at the most opportune time. So I listed the things I do in dribs and drabs but would be better served getting them done together and earlier in the day.


To keep up with my plan I needed something to check off individual days and I settled on a post it note.  Each week I write what I want to do.

BeFunky Crop on iPhone

For things I do everyday, all week I write the date number; this weeks sheet was the 24th through the 30th.  For things I want to do twice a day I added a second row...

BeFunky Crop on iPhone

... and for things I don't do everyday I used the number of times per week.

My Filofax helps me remember appointments, to make calls, write letters, and keep up with the million bits of information I will need at a later date.  But I also think it can help me be the person I want to be.

And so the journey towards self-improvement begins...


Sharon Korkes 3/27/14, 7:02 AM  

Love it! I solved the problem of answering the door (usually to UPS or FedEx) in my jammies and Goth day-old eyeliner by taping a note to the door giving deliveries permission to be left on the landing without signature. :) I, too, need to be able to check off things that are done on a daily basis. At the end of the day I like to see what I've accomplished.

Tracy Reinhardt 3/27/14, 7:13 AM  

Sharon - LOL! Glad to know I'm not alone!

Roxie 3/27/14, 9:25 AM  

Hi, could tell what stencil that is and where u bought it? Thanks,

carielynn 3/27/14, 11:40 AM  

Oh, I am *so glad* I'm not the only one who doesn't shower when they should! I have the worst time when the kids are home all day, like on weekends and during school breaks. If we have to be somewhere right away, I of course am ready first thing. But when I get up before everyone else and have to choose between working while they're all still asleep or taking that time to shower, well... I'm sure you can guess what I do. And then we'll have a change of plans or something and I'll end up dropping kids off somewhere while I'm still unshowered. Yuck. I've made it a rule this spring break to shower first thing, regardless of how badly I want to go to my desk first.

Tracy Reinhardt 3/27/14, 12:42 PM  

roxie, this is the link :)

Tracy Reinhardt 3/27/14, 12:43 PM  

carielyn - far from the only one! Let me know how it goes with 'first thing' in the morning - I've not been able to accomplish that

Bettyann Schmidt 3/28/14, 3:36 PM  

My Fedex and postal carrier already know to leave it on the doorstep. My first thing in the morning is really hard. Thanks for this, Tracy. I love knowing I'm among my own kind.

Tracy Reinhardt 3/28/14, 4:54 PM  

Bettyann - seems there are a lot of us in pajamas way later then socially acceptable :)

Sylke Schulze 3/29/14, 4:59 PM  
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Josh LaPorte 4/2/14, 12:36 AM  

I just ordered one of these charts. Looks very useful for plotting out all the stuff I need to do all year in one visual thing. Not really for tracking for me, but for planning. Thanks for writing this post!

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