The Crazy Suburban Mom: Gratuitous leather feel-copping

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gratuitous leather feel-copping

Several nights ago I had two amazing ideas for blog posts and because my Filofax wasn't at arm's length and the ideas were so bangin' I figured eh...  No way I won't remember in the morning.

 Truth is I had a fleeting moment of worry about a decision to rely on my memory (a decision that has back-fired on me a million times before) but I was tired, half-asleep really, and sitting up felt like a five mile run.  So I brushed the worry from my mind, turned over, and went to sleep secure in the knowledge that I'd write them down in the morning.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows where I'm going with this...

Come morning, the ideas were gone.  All that remained was an empty pit where brilliance used to be and the dull ache of longing.  Am I the only one who does the same thing that doesn't ever work, over and over?

I posted about this on Facebook and it seems a lot of you sleep with a paper and pen near by (if not actually in the bed....   Gotta love that kind of devotion).

After careful consideration, I'm not going to sleep with an A5 Malden Filofax.  Not because I have anything thing against it, mind you, since working on the  Malden's cover it's downright bomber jacket sexy.  The 1970's Naugahyde sofa feel has been replaced with delicious, leathery goodness that I'm loathe to kick out of bed....

 But I'm the only one that feels this way. 

I made space on the nightstand yesterday and it's working out;  perfect for wee hour sparks of brilliance...

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

And after hours gratuitous leather feel-copping...


Josh LaPorte 2/26/14, 9:36 AM  

Hilarious! I keep my planner in the bedroom but not usually right at the bedside. But I totally hear you on lost thoughts. Maddening.

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