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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Handheld obsessive compulsive nirvana

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Brother P-touch. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating. This is a #sponsored post. 

I'm starting a series about my favorite things from 2013, beginning with the Brother P-touch PT-H100 Label Maker.  As noted above I received this item to review but I wish I had bought it myself ages ago.  It's very reasonably priced (around $34.99) and widely available.  To celebrate their 25th Anniversary (#Ptouch25) , Brother is running special promotions and deals at select retail locations. Look for special 25th Anniversary deals at  office superstores near you.

brother p touch

I've had several months to work with it and,oh! Perfect labels,  where have you been all my life? And is is the perfect accompaniment to my Filofax.   I've always disliked my handwritten tabs and flags but now they are obsessive compulsive Nirvana.

Features abound in a small (and very reasonably priced) hand-held footprint:

  • One-touch keys – quickly access font sizes, styles, frames and patterns.
  •  Portable, handheld design - perfect for "on-the-go" use
  •  Cable labeling feature to organize your wires and cables 
  • Uses Laminated, "TZe" tapes up to 12mm wide – great for indoor or outdoor use
  •  Easy-access memory, store up to 9 "Favorite" labels 
  • 12 Deco Mode patterns, plus 9 Auto Design formats Print 
  • 1 or 2 lines of text 
  • Label faster using one of the decorative, pre-formatted label designs 
  • Split-back labels for easy peel and stick 
  • Operates on 6 x "AAA" batteries (not included)

I've labeled cables, power cords, gift tags, storage bins, files.... It is the perfect antidote for similar (but not identical items -  Think: Power cords)  that always ends up in a jumble of What the Hay?  I used it to label repackaged bulk food (with prep directions), snacks stored in single serving portions, freezer meals for late-comers to dinner, items in TSA-Approved containers for travel, and my banister (to remind the world that coats do not go here...


The new Brother P-touch PT-H100 handheld label maker features four-one touch buttons for quick access to font sizes, symbols, frames and patterns to inspire creative labeling. With its compact, handheld design the PT-H100 is an easy-to-use portable tool that can help organize a variety of spaces, whether in an office or away from your desk. Battery powered, so you can take it virtually anywhere.

 It includes a number of convenient and time-saving features including one-touch keys, an array of pre-formatted label designs as well as a cable labeling feature – to help quickly organize cables and wires.

 Create laminated labels that are durable enough for indoor or outdoor applications and can withstand the elements, including rain, freezing temperatures and dishwasher heat, making them a great alternative to the traditional tape-and-marker combinations. 

There are tons of positives and it's very cost effective.   The P Touch came with tape for black letters on white tape and immediately I purchased the clear tape (black letters).  Unless I'm labeling on a background that is busy or dark, this is my go-to choice.  But there are a lot of label color choices and I love that.  I'm itching to try the white on lime (or berry.)

Part of the reason I love paper planning is how the pages look. Superficial I know...

The only negatives (and these are pretty minor considering how helpful it is)  aren't dealbreakers:

1.  It isn't rechargeable (or even have an optional power cord). It takes 6 AAA batteries and depending on how much you label that can get expensive. The first month I had it there was so much to label and when through 6 in about a month but have had the second set in for the last two so how long it lasts depends on your use. But it does have an automatic shut off which mitigates that a bit.   

2.  I love the icons you can automatically create but many are too small.   It would be nice to label Ventura's pet things with just the dog icon but it's difficult to see with just a quick scan.  

I use mine a lot and the two negatives are minor.  It's one of those useful items you wonder how you got along without and never want to be without one again.  


mppaul2 1/15/14, 8:36 AM  

I have the same one and made a similar This Week label for my page marker to extend it more. I agree with the negatives especially the no rechargeable aspect.

Tracy Reinhardt 1/15/14, 8:51 AM  

mppaul2 - I think there are corded models and maybe rechargeable ones - i guess they can't do everything without raising the price but I sure wish it had an ac adapter!


kanalt 1/15/14, 1:47 PM  

Okay, 9 (9??) labels to create and save? This product is an OCDers, dream, and they allow for only 9 labels in memory? That just ruined the beuaty of the OCD package. ;)

Seriously, I love my label maker. My family made fun of me when I bought it but lo and behold, they all have bought one too after seing how useful it is.

I couldn't get along without my P-Touch!

Bree 1/15/14, 4:35 PM  

I've got an older model the PT-65, which I use my rechargeable Amazon AA batteries in. I an't remember the last time I changed them.

I just labeled everyone's lip balm this morning - we're passing around nasty germs like crazy and I'm trying to limit the madness.

Looks like the newer model has prettier options, but I still like mine and will keep it as long as they sell clear refills. I have one at home and work. Haven't written on a file folder in years.

Tracy Reinhardt 1/15/14, 4:40 PM  

kanalt - its an amazing thing really. I just love my perfect labels

Tracy Reinhardt 1/15/14, 4:41 PM  

Bree - thats a great idea about the lip balm. I might start doing that

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