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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I did a flip through video Monday and as I showed the page below I said something along the lines of... looking at all these ticked off  days has me  feeling  I've not accomplished much.

good bye 2013

It's been nagging at me since.

This morning a Lily Tomlin quote  popped into my mind. "I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific."   

Crossing out the days was interesting and  taught me a lesson.  I thought I'd  look back over all the highlighted days  mentally scrolling though  accomplishments but as Lily Tomlin said, I should have been more specific. 

My Filofax is a personal thing;  it's my trusted confidante holding secrets like a diary, a filing cabinet all about me, it's the organizing angel  on my shoulder whispering commitments in my ear, the repository for random note confetti and it's always within arms reach.

Without it,  loose ends just get looser.  But maybe it needs to be more.

There are things I'd like to change and improve, goals I'd like to set and meet.   Next year when I look 2014 over I want my accomplishments to amount to more then a series of appointments I didn't forget, I want to, as Lily Tomlin said, be somebody... somebody better. 

It's time quell that inner critic and set some goals.


Darlene Weigle 1/1/14, 7:41 PM  

I've made my main goals for 2014. Now I'm breaking them down into smaller obtainable steps. Maybe you can do the same?

Silver_Elixir 1/2/14, 6:41 AM  

I love that quote. It really makes sense. Another similar one is: If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. I'm going to be more specific this year. And every year after. Thanks Tracy

Sarah PingsAndNeedles 1/2/14, 7:51 AM  

lovely post Tracy - I was thinking exactly the same thing as I was setting up my planner for 2014 - I've set up a little section of monthly journal goals and wishes so that when I bin, I mean archive, ahem, the daily pages, I'll have something more to look at! <3

Tracy Reinhardt 1/4/14, 7:35 PM  

Darlene, That makes a lot of sense to me. going to think about making smaller pieces out of main goals

Silver - it's a hard concept for me... But I'm working on it as well!

Sarah - Let me know how it works for you... Journaling goals are something I haven't attempted yet

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