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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Giant Doody Face

In yesterday's post I talked about reaching goals.  No wait,  that's not quite right.  It was about the process of even  having goals, learning how to set realistic ones and putting the intention to meet them as priority one. If I knew how to get where I want to be, I'd already be there.  There is a learning curve involved and failure is inevitable. Finding out what doesn't work can be as valuable as finding out what does work.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."  Thomas A. Edison 

I was up a lot last night, per usual, and had a conflab with my Filofax on this.  I'll save you the boring negotiations but at ridiculous o'clock we came to a truth about our selves.

 We've tried to make sweeping changes in the past only to stumble on January second wherein we name the entire year a giant doody face and don't try anymore.

  So, this year we are setting goals by month.

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Whatever works will be fabulous, what doesn't will be a learning experience we can use to do better in February. (win/win)

There's a good analogy for this involving dinnerware...   Say you have a complete service for twelve, or about forty-eight pieces of china.  One day while washing a piece it's jumps out of your hands and hits floor. You watch as your once complete service for twelve dissolves into an almost full set plus about a thousand shards.  

It's what you do next that pertains to planning; you just move on, perhaps a bit sadder and definitely wiser. What you don't do is break the other forty-seven pieces of china.   Yes, your prize full set is no more but there's nothing wrong with what's left...

  ...and so it goes for goals as well.   


Sam 1/2/14, 10:14 AM  

Gosh. You are absolutely right!! I would never have thought of the goals as being a dinner set but it is so the analogy!

Unknown 1/2/14, 11:31 AM  

Goals are actions, they need to be verifiable and they need to have a time period. so they should look something like this: "In January I will do 8 blog posts and 4 yt videos". To make them more manageable you can break them down even more specific in your weekly goals. Such as This week I will post 2 entries to my blog and upload 1 yt video. otherwise they are just elements of a to do list.

Tracy Reinhardt 1/2/14, 11:36 AM  

Sam, that is one that always works for me - especially about dieting! If I eat something I shouldn't have, do I accept it an move on or do I binge the rest of the day because I 'blew it' ?


Tracy Reinhardt 1/2/14, 11:37 AM  

Unknown, I don't disagree with this. I'll see how january goes and if I need to I'll make a weekly list next month

Giftie Etcetera 1/2/14, 7:32 PM  

12 goals is too many for me. I'm not that ambitious!

Tracy Reinhardt 1/2/14, 8:05 PM  

Giftie, That actually occurred to me... I initially was going to do 5 but there were a few I was already doing so I just put them all down

Heirphoto 1/4/14, 11:00 AM  
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SF 1/6/14, 4:06 PM  

That's a great attitude Tracy. I love it.

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