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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Full- frontal binder

I've run my life using primarily an A5 sized planner for well over a year.  Things change from time to time but the core  remains consistent (although I'm always trying to improve).

I watch (and re-watch) Filofax/Planner videos, lot's of them. Every day.  I even watch people who are using entirely different systems (i.e. Erin Condren), hoping to glean some bit of organizing magic that never occurred to me.

But I watch for pure enjoyment too.  Planner minutia appeals to me.  If you listen to my family, it's a strange appeal, but whatever. I refuse to feel like a weirdo; the heart wants, what the heart wants.

A new perfect thing happened last week;  I moved my contact / in case of emergency information to a tabbed card in the front pocket.

ICE filofax card

A single page gets buried in an A5 binder with 30 mm rings and even though my junk needs to be easily accessible I don't want it to be all full-frontal binder.   

This way it's hidden, easy to find AND impossible to miss, the contact info trifecta.

My family found my revelation  a big snore (per usual) but when I work out a nagging planner problem it feels like the heavens open up and angels sing...

You make me feel like dancing...


Janette 1/25/14, 3:23 AM  

What a brilliant idea, so logical. :D
I think I'll copy you and put an In Case of Emergency card in mine as well.

Giftie Etcetera 1/25/14, 10:21 AM  

I finally put this on my task list. (Note that I haven't done it yet.) I will include my medical allergies and my medications.

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