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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crazy talk!

Here is a follow up to  the first post about  Raymay Davinci inserts, I got the other two types I ordered.  And PS Jetpens... you are rockin' some blazing shipping lately.  Does Scotty work for you and is he beaming me my orders?

raymay weekly

Free weekly undated schedule A, 30 sheets for $3.70.  I talked a little about these in my last post and wanted to try them even though I'm primarily in an A5.  They are undated inserts (which has positives and negatives) with Monday starting the week (Days are printed in), even space per day, and a 'Memo' box at the end.

These inserts are VERY clean looking (and restful), there's no extra print (ie no multi-language information). There's nothing to white out, no holidays, no week number, no calendars, no phases of the moon, no nothing but the day of the week, a line to write the date, and space, blissful open space.  

The color looks more ivory then white, the font is very clean, and the translucence of the paper makes these really lovely.  The print color looks dark grey on the bolder areas and grey on the thin lines between each day.

I know undated pages aren't everyone's cup o' Filofax, and some people really dislike them, but if you switch around a lot you will probably save money with undated inserts instead of always having half a year left. With these  you jump in where ever you are. 

They are unlined, which can also be an issue (huge one for me) but these are so lightweight you can easily see a guide page behind.  Like piece of cake easy.
raymay lined

Bible/Personal 6.5 mm Rule lined paper, 100 sheets for $4.20 (also available in 5.0 mm rule).  I'm especially excited about these because of the line spacing.  One of my biggest insert pet peeves is the pages seem sized down and not made for smaller binders.   As the insert size get smaller the line spacing gets smaller until it's unusable (for me). I've always felt that inserts should be reformatted, (i.e. less lines per page with spacing consistent with the larger sizes) for each size binder.  I think more people could make pocket and mini size work if the inserts reflected the way people write instead of just shrinking the larger size template.

The color is ivory and the lines are grey which I love.  I find black lines on white paper jarring and always (100% of the time) prefer something with less contrast.  

All the inserts are very thin, amazingly thin.  My last post covered some inks I tried and that this so thin paper can stand up to ink is outstanding, but there is another benefit.   Take a look at the (Filofax paper) page capacity listed per ring size in the Philofaxy FAQ section:

From the Philofaxy FAQ page, click image to visit page. 

This is a picture of my Portland personal Filofax rings (23mm) with 230 Raymay  pages.

230 raymay insert pages

Not even close to capacity and just as an eyeball guess, it looks like I could get another 100 pages in there.   That ups the capacity to that of 30mm rings.  Crazy talk! I know...

I added to those 230 insert pages; a full 6 card credit card insert, 4 flyleafs (one covered with stacks of sticky notes) 6 cash envelopes with money, a top opening pocket with pictures and an empty one,  a zippered pouch with money and an empty one, and a dayrunner pocket with an attached pen loop.    The back cover has four credit cards and the pocket has money (technically this doesn't add to the rings but it does add overall bulk).

raymay inserts

Now it's full  but it's not at the stuffed point; the cover doesn't have to bend over to close and the strap isn't pulling.   The paper is edging up to, but not over, the mid-line of the rings which is pretty amazing.

I did a blog post but also plan to do a video (either today or tomorrow).  Some topics do better with a blog post, others seem to need a video... This one would be served best by both I think.   I'm going to try and do it today, being snowed in and all.   I think I'd rather stay home and play with my planners then brave the foot and a half snow and -13 Degree F windchill fa la la...  

...That's -25 Degree C for all my Continental friends. So send some warm thoughts my way...


Tumama 1/22/14, 6:06 PM  

Which money envelopes do u use in your filofax?

Tumama 1/22/14, 6:06 PM  

Which money envelopes do u use in your filofax?

Folio 1/22/14, 6:59 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracy Reinhardt 1/22/14, 7:04 PM  

Tumama - The ones in my Filofax are from an etsy seller, Maryanne Moll. They are really pretty! I've also used spendvelopes from amazon

Tracy Reinhardt 1/22/14, 7:04 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracy Reinhardt 1/22/14, 7:06 PM  

Folio, I have a few fountain pens sorely in need of cleaning at the moment. I don't have either of those inks but I will look them up when my pens are nice and clean. I love the paper, it's really amazing.

Folio 1/22/14, 7:27 PM  

I deleted my comments because of a mistake - the inks are Diamine Bilberry and Sailor Sky High (both interesting blues). I love the paper too. You can get 6 mm lined or 5 mm lined davinci paper. I got mine from Rakuten in Japan since I am in Europe not the USA so either way involved importing stuff. Also got dated page per day and week on 2 pages Bible size refills. There are quite a variety of formats. They also come in A5 and pocket.

Josh LaPorte 2/10/14, 1:12 AM  

I love this stuff. Tracy sent me some samples and it takes my fountain pen really well. The dry time for my Zebra gel pen is a bit long but the paper is still so nice. Feels smooth, very thin, and no bleed through.

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