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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A real Wow!

A Pocket Rio has been my wallet for over a year now.  Just a wallet though, the only thing I kept in the rings was scrap paper for shopping lists.  It really wasn't meeting it's full 'binder potential'  but worked on a lot of levels; It held what I needed and fit in my coat pocket so taking Ventura for a quick ride to the park was purse free.

A few weeks ago I started using it as a price book (information about price books here) and decided to use my Portland Personal Filofax as wallet instead.   Yes, I'm always looking for a reason to use it, I just love that thing,  but the real reason for the switch  is it makes more sense as a binder for me.

Bigger pages hold more  price book info per page and my cash envelopes are personal size, so it seemed like the switch makes sense.   The downside is it doesn't fit in a coat pocket but I'll get over it.

My switch coincided with Jetpens  creating a new planner section so I had an excuse to try the Davinici bible sized inserts; Raymay the makers of Davinci products is a Japanese company and personal size is called Bible in Japan.  I got the 100 sheet blank pages ($3.70) yesterday and the paper is fabupapertastic (Translation: amazing) and I placed a second order for lined pages and inserts .

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The sheets are very thin, almost tracing paper thin, and they will crinkle if you handle them enthusiastically... To me, they feel half as thick as Filofax paper which is pretty darned thin and my first instinct was, No way ink won't come through the other side. (It didn't)

I did some pen tests but my fountain pens are currently in need of a major overhaul so I couldn't do those.  (There are already a lot of reviews for fountain pens though, as near as a Google search.) I tested pens that I use all the time, pens that go through Filofax paper, one highlighter (that wasn't successful on Filofax paper), and just as a knee-slapper, a thick Sharpie marker.

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The front sides are featherless on all inks...

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Even the Sharpie...

BeFunky Crop on iPhone

Tomoe River paper is more ivory then white and it's surface is very smooth and soft but not in a glossy way like Clairefontaine or a powdery way like Rhodia.  If Rhodia and Clairefontaine had a paper baby, it would be a bouncing baby Raymay insert.  Tomoe River makes the inserts, they are a Japanese Company well known for their thin paper that excels with fountain pen ink.  There is a lot  of resistance to bleed-through and feathering in this paper.

Are there any downsides? Nothing that is a deal breaker for me. There is some shadow on the backsides but with the pens I use daily, it's pretty minimal considering it feels like I'm writing on dictionary paper. What can show is impressions from pressure if I write with a lot of force.  If you write with a heavy hand in a binder you may see impressions on the back and even on the next page.

 Keeping this is mind I try and write light which is a good thing as it reduces muscle fatigue in my writing hand.  Because ink sits on the surface rather then be absorbed by the paper, drying time is longer then other papers.  For the pens I used it was minimal but might be an issue if you use fountain pens and are left handed.  

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As to the backsides, you can see some pen dependent shadow but this happens a lot on Filofax paper too.

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The thick Sharpie marker was the least successful as it always is.   The ink is a solvent based dye and doesn't behave like other permanent pigment inks.  It's 'wet's' paper and is absorbed more readily in all cases.   Even though the backside is dark...


A lot of it is dark shadow with only spots of what probably is bleed through  but there is no feathering. Of course it's not an ideal pen for this paper if you want to use the flip side and I mostly did it to see what would happen.  I don't have a Sharpie pen but I've read they work better on paper then the markers.  They might be successful on these inserts, I'm just not sure. 

Overall these inserts are a real Wow!  Thinner paper means I can have more pages without the constant archiving, it's got a great writing surface, and handles a dazzling array of inks well. 

And this has got me thinking...   I wonder if they come in A5?


Bree 1/19/14, 12:29 PM  

No A5, but I know I saw a pack of A4 sheets on Jetpens.

That could be easily cut down and punched for A5. I wonder if it can be laser printed on? I prefer 6mm lined paper.

monique 1/22/14, 12:17 AM has the Tomoe River paper in A5 size in both white and cream. I get all my paper from him and of course Jet Pens.

Tracy Reinhardt 1/23/14, 8:45 AM  

Bree and monique - Thank you! I don't think my printer can handle paper this thin but I'm going to see if I can do it anyway.


Mare 1/24/14, 4:12 AM  

Rakuten has A5 inserts, it's a pain to search the site (try " rei mei A5") but they have monthly, weekly, grid, plain and ruled A5 inserts plus tabs.

Mare 1/24/14, 4:13 AM  
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