The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2013 Favorites continues with, Jetpens, Will you marry me?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Favorites continues with, Jetpens, Will you marry me?

Continuing with my Favorites of 2013, I'm moving onto Jetpens (of course). I've never had an order / customer service issue, they have a low free shipping minimum, the staff is very responsive to questions and their inventory is expansive and divine.  I'd totally like to spend the day in their warehouse opening boxes, checking stuff out, giggling and clapping my hands like a five year old girl with a new pair of shiny shoes.

Which is probably why I've not been invited.  Who would want to see that?

 Now that they've added a Planner Lover's section including (be still my paper planning loving heart) PLANNERS (!) from Japan I'm feeling me some Jetpens love in a more permanent will-you-marry-me sort of way.

The Raymay Davinci product line - Currently available  in pocket and personal (called Bible in Japan) size, is something I've wanted to try for years.    I've been using my A5 Malden lately and for all it's corpulent wondrousness ... It's a bit like carrying around a toddler, which gets old faster then is convenient.  I've been using my pocket Rio as a wallet/price book but it has it's limits. 

 I have been trying to find a planner specifically as a travel wallet/travel planner for most of 2013 and haven't been successful. Planner nerdiness requires I take a planner on vacation (It's a law.  Really.  Look it up)  but I'd like a more travel friendly option.  With the addition of this line, and this baby in particular...

I think I may have found a solution. 

It's leather and sleek (which makes it perfect for what I want) and comes with all sorts of useful plannerphrenalia and pages.  It's reasonably priced ($72) which is very refreshing.   I'm not sure of the ring size but asked the question, so that info is coming quick as a bunny...

The inserts are Tomoe River paper which I've wanted to try forever because it's thin, smooth and made to allow ink to sit on the surface not be absorbed. So bleed through is minimized if not eradicated off the face of the Earth and I admire that in a paper....

And look!

Inserts are undated, compatible with Filofax hole spacing and Saturday and Sunday are the same size as all the other days.  Halle-blissful-lujah!

One more picture...

If you're a pocket sized kinda person they even have a smartphone insert.  This I love in a drawing hearts with our initials kind of way...

I'd planned to do a more 'what's working for me' post but I got a little side-tracked over my new leathery fianceĆ© .   That one will be coming soon.   It's nice to see things that are new but I really find value in things that work over time like my grey pilot juice pen.  I use that pen every single day and just  noticed they have a 0.7 so...  that one will be arriving soon

As to this planner... Hopefully,  I'll have one within the next few months but will have to check my 'New Planner Change Jar' and see how I'm progressing with that...   With any luck all the stray nickles and dimes are enough to net me one of these (and of course, I'll review it) soon.  But like I said in my Goose Poop post waiting is good...  Especially if it's something worth waiting for... and I kinda think this is.


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