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Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 Favorites continues, KawaiiTokyo

I've posted a lot recently about how spending a bit more per item (that I really, really want) is working out much better for me then buying a lot of inexpensive items.  Buying more carefully gets me things that work, reduces the general clutter of stuff, and doesn't make me as anxious.

While decoration isn't the primary reason I use things... If  what I buy is useful, works, and adds something whimsical to a not so fun to do list then it's win/

Which brings me to these...

And etsy...

By 2013 I'd amassed a hoard of flags, tags, and sticky notes... Many of them adorable, most  had to be taped or glued on (the one's that weren't strictly utilitarian, anyway).  Or they stuck fine but curled up. I get that non-sticky sticky notes is a negligible problem in the grand scheme of things but it aggravated me daily.

Why even call them sticky notes when they are non-committal about their stickiness... Why not call them laissez-faire notes?  Anyway...

I began to actively seek out Japanese office products for the quality, design, and amazing stationary-tastic diversity.

 I've used etsy and eBay since 1999.  I love to buy locally but a lot of times it's not possible.     At one point I bought from eBay almost exclusively but, I don't know... etsy has a friendlier, more personal quality.  The sellers, as a whole, seem to try harder to make the sale a positive experience all around.   'Trying' is an odd thing to measure but I guess with etsy, it feels like I'm buying from a friend. Overall, communication between buyers and sellers is better and things are packaged with care (and frequently with added fun).

Of course I'm making generalizations and people do have their share of etsy related issues, but for me,  it's been more satisfying then shopping eBay on  a whole lot of levels.

I've posted about my favorite seller, Sayaka at KawaiiTokyo,  a few times this year.  Besides liking the things she lists, she's been very helpful in getting things I'm having a difficult time finding.  I love that she is open to requests for things not listed in her store.   If I want an item she doesn't have, she will source it for me, tell me the price with shipping and if I want it, she will get it for me.

 As an aside: I don't want to put her out with this.  When I'm doing that kind of request I try to be pretty sure I'll want it in the end because  it wouldn't be fair to give her a giant list of things I'm just thinking about maybe getting ... someday.  I don't want her to spend hours of her own time looking around, gathering prices, and emailing with me if I'm just testing the waters...     I've asked her to help me get things I wanted, maybe five or six times in 2013, and I bought all but one thing.

Some of my favorite and most useful purchases from her are...

my beloved template...

I tried to find one of these everywhere for well over a year.   She still stocks this one and has other types of templates now.  I love that it's easy to fit in a Filofax and there are little marks on it so you can line up the images better.

She recently started listing washi tape on thin flat spools that are perfect and easy to carry in a planner pocket, even one that's pretty tight.   I can get washi locally, or at least the US version of washi tape.  Some of it I've liked although most of it doesn't resemble Japanese washi tape very much.  It's like the US manufacturers got wind of it's popularity and started producing decorative tapes.  Some of it is okay but none of the one's I've tried are near as good as the one's from Japan.

tiny diary stickers..

She stocks all different kinds (as well as really cute hole reinforcers, but I haven't tried them yet) and I love these, have many different kinds.  They are great on the month of two page inserts and because they are really small, perfect for any size planner.

I couldn't do a favorites series without mentioning her.  Almost all of the things I use along these lines are from her.   She is friendly, helpful, packs thing nicely and ships quickly.  Most things I received in about a week but she is shipping from Japan and sometimes there are international postage issues unrelated to her that delay getting my package (Just experienced one).    But I would rather wait and get exactly what I want then get something quicker that is just 'okay'...   This is my last order received yesterday...

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

As always, it's all kinds of fabulous!

Thanks, Sayaka!   I appreciate all you do!


Gerti - Murphy's Mom 1/17/14, 9:17 AM  

Nice post. I have been on etsy and checked out her site a couple times. I particularly liked the template. 😃
My one "not so great" experience was an international purchase (non-US) so I hesitate to try again.
Your post has encouraged me to try again. I agree that the quality of the items for my Filofax has ranged from "a complete waste of money" to a fabulous bargain, and those laissez faire stickie notes make me crazy!

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