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Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 Favorite planner and there's no app for that...

I love technology but not in the same way I love my paper planners.  I'll admit to spending way too much time online and having a smart phone doubles it.  Some days I feel overly connected to some nameless, impersonal, cosmic grid.

And I know this just isn't me. I rarely see a person walking his dog without his head bent over having a furious text convo or laughing over something the person on that other end of the blue tooth said.   I'll be honest, this always makes me sad between 5 and 6 pm.   These dogs have waited eight or ten hours and not just to go out... but to connect with their packs.   Problem is their packs are connected to something else...

There are problems with both analog and digital planning. They probably work best in tandem but digital planners don't tug at my heart strings because  I don't have the same emotional connection to them.   I don't pine away for a twenty year old cell phone the way I feel attached to my original Filofax Portland.

I don't spend any amount of time wishing I could use my first cell phone  - in fact, I'm glad it's gone the way of the dinosaurs -  but I get a giant sad face on when I'm not using my Portland. And I don't think I've ever took an artistic picture of my original Motorola phone but my Portland...  oh.  I've done that a lot.

Filofax, pen, & Wallet

  Here we were at Starbucks and oh! What a time we had chatting over a latte.

starbucks and a filofax

I even have artsy shots of my Malden and I don't feel nearly the pull to it that I do for my first ever Filofax. 

 There's something exquisitely personal about a Filofax, something that makes it part of who I am as well as who I want to be.   I've printed up Instagram pictures of my Portland Filofax like I do my family because there is some undefinable,  very personal connection involved.  

As I said, I love technology but not in the same intimate way.    I have a ton of apps but none  give me the wonderful warm fuzzies of my Filofaxes...  And there's no app for that.


mppaul2 1/17/14, 2:50 PM  

As a Motorola employee I will not be offended by your non nostalgia for our life changing contributions to the world . I couldn't agree with you more :-) Great post!

mppaul2 1/17/14, 2:50 PM  
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paperscribe 1/18/14, 1:08 AM  


Tracy Reinhardt 1/18/14, 11:42 AM  

mppaul, LOL! No offense to motorola :) Its just that it's not the same thing :)

paperscribe, exactly!

Morag 1/18/14, 11:56 AM  

My first filofax was my Personal Portland in a deep wine colour and I have still have it. Strangely enough I too have been considering using it as a wallet because of the zip pocket which has a gusset. I am currently using a pocket chameleon but it's pretty stuffed.

Tracy Reinhardt 1/18/14, 12:02 PM  

Morag, I always go back and forth with it. There's just this pull... I can't explain what it is... it just 'is'

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