The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2013-09-01

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Simple is my quiet mantra....

Ever since reading a late August Philofaxy Blog post, I've been thinking about planning needs for next year.  I do change inserts and binders from time to time but my method of planning is relatively consistent. While the inserts themselves vary a bit, the bones are consistent;  a year overview, a weekly version, and some sort of open format daily page (just a graph or lined page).

This last week I wasn't feeling well - At. All. - thanks to some messy bronchitis/asthma drama and when I finally went to the doctor ( four days after I should have)  I was pretty sick.  Still am, even after getting a gaggle of prescriptions.

I already take two medicines daily plus an assortment of vitamins and supplements so keeping track of what the heck I take when has always been a challenge. With the prescriptions for my current wheeziness it got a lot harder.

One thing my set up doesn't have is a timed area.  I tried writing down what I took and the time on my daily and weekly pages but it flopped. Hard.  There was no order to it.  I wanted to be able to tell what I took and when to take it again with a glance but my pages looked like a sack of jumbled scrap yarn.  Nothing was separated out or in an easy to decipher format... Each page looked like an explosion of multicolored thought threads.

I'm giving Patrick Ng's Chronodex a try because  I've been fascinated by the concept for years, it's free, and I was able to print it easily (Hallelujah!)

It's different and there is a learning curve but considering I never thought it would work, it's been remarkably easy to implement.  It always looked very intense to me and hopelessly complicated but it's far simpler and WAY more intuitive then I'd imagined...

Chronodex fun on a friday night

Thanks to an increasing number of videos on the subject  recently ( See Maryanne Moll, Sarah Pings and Kent's videos ) I've been able to give it a whirl. Even if it doesn't work in the long term it solves my current 'no timed area' problem and will help me take all the meds I need  for the sad face my lungs are giving me.

Plus it  saves me from buying (yet another) set of pages this year (Insert another Hallelujah! here).   I think the pages are visually attractive so I don't feel the need to decorate (the washi is covering  text that is part of the design).  Pretty much the only thing I use is the template I bought from my favorite etsy shop, Kawaii Tokyo (she's stocking them now!), a pen, and something to highlight the meds I took.

As to whether this is something I will use into 2014... Dunno. For me planning is always an evolving thing depending on current needs.   Organization isn't natural to me so there is a lot of trial and error but the less it feels like work, the better it functions.  Simple is my quiet mantra and as Leonardo da Vinci said,  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


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