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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Buying stuff is fun and everyone has things they love to shop for.  Personally my hard to resist items are nail polish and anything related (even tangentially) to Filofaxes.  Shopping can be a great way to feel good on a bad day - or any day - but there's a flip side.

I don't have a craft room.  I've started and stopped most arts and crafts obsessions (painting, drawing, beading, scrap-booking, and felting just to name a few) because I buy one stamp and the next thing I know I have a hundred of them; plus inks, embossing supplies, papers... and every related thing I see or read about.

It was the same with plannerphrenalia.   And it's not just the space, it's the money. Rarely do I need anything in the strictest sense of the definition....

need  (nēd)  Require (something) because it is essential or very important as in, "I need help now"

Synonyms: require

I'm going to admit something here - All the fun things I get an itch for usually don't end up working out and managing it all is a burden.  There I said it.

When I have too much I can't even find what I'm looking for.   This point was driven home when I moved to using just a few colors in my planner; grey, aqua, and green.  It is so much easier to know what I have and where it is if I'm dealing with very little because I can't keep track of stuff and I'm not good at organizing storage.

There are a lot of perfectly wonderful things I wish I'd never purchased.  Not because there's anything wrong with them  but because they really don't enhance my planner/planning  or work that well for me.

I know I've talked about my once a month payday before and it's difficult to manage finances that way but there is a plus...

I keep a running  list of things I covet with the understanding I can buy them when payday hits.  The interesting thing about that is many times a few weeks down the road what I thought I couldn't live without or was  afraid would be sold out isn't obsessing me  much anymore.

I'd guess more then half the stuff I considered a necessity early in the month never ends up here.   After my self-imposed cooling off period I'm not that jazzed about it.

Over time I've found it better to buy one expensive item of quality, then to go for quantity. I've tried tons of sticky notes from the Dollar Bin that never stick (without adding tape or glue).    It's aggravating to have tons of things that are a just a pain in the neck and don't work, ( This can  be extrapolated to all supplies including planners themselves....  ) and to know if I didn't buy all the junky stuff I could have bought one truly amazing quality item.

Why am I pulled to buy something for 50 cents that I would never buy if it were 5 dollars?  Why do I agonize over discounted planners that I didn't much like at full price?

 Questions like that make me crazy.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Spendvelope Giveaway, Part 2

I'm giving away six full sets of  spendvelope cash envelopes; three here as a blog giveaway and three as a  youtube video giveaway.   You may enter daily for both giveaways if you wish.  Comments to this post will count towards this set of three and comments to the youtube video will be for those three.   

They are made from nice, heavy card stock (which makes them more durable then  the regular postal envelopes I tried initially).  The envelope sets include twelve spendvelopes in ten different colors ( two are white) and that makes it very easy to distinguish one envelope category from another.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone
The above picture is a spendvelope under a sheet of personal sized Filofax paper, as you can see they are almost identical. I've kept mine in personal and A5 Filofaxes, the regular size Midori traveler's notebook (under the elastic), in a small plastic box, and currently in a Vera Bradley Clutch wallet.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone
There isn't a closure  but the flap is long and I've found them secure without an additional closure.   Here you can see the Filofax paper poking out the bottom.  If I decided to punch these I will need to cut the bottom flap edge off to keep the rings free.    

If you feel you need to seal them I've always thought repositionable  tape would work, as would Velcro dots, or an elastic band.    
Spendvelopes are a great size for carrying coupons and receipts, as well as all the little tabs and clips and notes we carry in our Filofax, so if you feel you don't need twelve money categories they won't go to waste.
BeFunky Smart Sharpen on iPhone
Under the flap is a  grid similar to a check register.  This was something I wanted when I was using regular envelopes.  When I wanted to know what I had, I had to count everything.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

Spendvelopes can be purchased directly though their Amazon Store but there is also a website with information on how to get started simply (simple is always the best way to get into anything!) and  the owner's success story.

For me these are pretty much perfect!    If I could change one thing it would be the motivation quotes on the back.   I wish it was just blank or with lines.   I've also used them for saving money for a particular reason (saving up to buy a purse) and I would have liked to be able to write my own motivation on the back.  And add a picture.  

That's a pretty picayune, I know.  But I do love my creativity space on all things :)

Comment to this post to enter and you can enter daily. Giveaway will run until September 18, 2013 at 11:59 pm. and please be a subscriber because that's the point... To thank people who support me!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spendvelope Giveaway, Youtube version

I'm giving away six sets in two parts.  The first part is up as a youtube video...

Part 2 is going to go up tomorrow as a post to this blog.  Feel free to enter both if you wish!

Good luck everyone!


New filofax charms on etsy

I just listed a few new Filofax charms on etsy.  There's a lot of Hello Kitty in there at the moment but plan on adding other styles soon. Currently I have eight listings.

I'm enjoy the colorful fun they add.

On most of them I can change the length. How long you want them to hang is kind of personal so if you want me to change it, mostly likely it's possible. If there's something you're looking for in particular let me know! I may be able to do it.

I'm trying to come up with some suitable for a Midori Traveler's Notebook string bookmark. Stay tuned for that...


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spendvelopes for you, coming soon....

I've been using cash envelopes since late last year and Spendvelopes since May.

Spendvelopes in my filofax

With very little hocus-pocus they fit nicely in a personal sized binder.  I have a post on them here and they are in at least one video although for the life of me I don't know which one.  

 I know it's hard to get them outside the US.... and on that note I have some great news!


The company wrote and asked did I want to do a giveaway and yes, yes I do.   I think I will do a two, one blog and one video because not everyone who reads my blog watches the videos and visa versa.   I'm going to try and get it together for tomorrow but wanted to give everyone a heads up in case they want to read about them first.

I have six sets for the giveaway!


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