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Friday, August 2, 2013

Filofax vs. Ordning&Reda overall and strap lengths

I did a short video about the overall, strap, and ring sizes of my binders with a bit thrown in at the end about the strap on the Original.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pile O' Fax

Last month Itsbyemi  ran an Ordning & Reda giveaway on youtube and I entered; I was really hoping to win one of the A5 leather planners... 

Ordning and Reda planner

And I did! 

From their website:  ORDNING & REDA® is a Swedish company that designs, produces and distributes a range of high quality notebooks, bags, accessories and more. All the products are easily recognisable by their pure and simple style, a typical hallmark of Scandinavian design.

Their design atheistic is something that calls to me (in all things, not just planners).  Even though the rings are small compared to everything else I have and there are no pockets or pen loops I was undeterred.  Simple calms my nerves...

The planner, which I understand is discontinued... (Ordning & Reda say it ain't so!) came with a two page per week dated insert (on the left. The right side is a Filofax vertical WO2P) It also came with lined paper, 2013 and 2014 year on a few page calendars, and A to Z pages (with a surprise element).

ordning reda planner

The paper is REALLY nice; smooth to the touch and lovely;  it takes ink like a dream.  The color is creamy and makes me go, Ahhhhh.... 

ordning reda planner

It's got a four hole situation going on that almost (almost!) has the same placement as Filofax.  The punched holes are the same size as standard hole punches which is very nice; if you punch something to put it in the holes are the same size as the naturally occurring ones.  If you want to add Filofax inserts you  have to make an adjustment to the middle holes on each set.   It's not bad really.  Much less dramatic then the usual paper conversions which require complex geometry and washi tape.

ordning reda planner

The contact pages are alphabetized and perforated so you can turn the pages into tabbed wonders.  Now THAT is a nice touch!   No dividers needed so no extra bulk.

ordning reda planner

This is an example of the color compared to a white sheet of Filofax paper; dreamy really. Xanax for my eyes....  And you can see how close the holes are to being totally compatible.    By the way, if you have any Filofax A5 inserts with elongated holes they fit without finagling. 

ordning reda planner

I made a Pile O'Fax to compare the Ording & Reda's overall size with my Filofaxes.  Poor thing is sandwiched between my A5 Malden and my Portland Grand.  It's a bit smaller then my Malden in all ways and even my Portland Grand looks like a porker compared to it, despite having smaller overall dimensions.

ordning reda planner

No pen loop was a non-issue, I added a Midori Traveler's Notebook loop at the top and Voila! 

i  can haz  pen loopz....

ordning reda planner

The rings (black metal )  are attached with rivets that show along the spine but the color coordinates keeping the whole shebang looking very sleek, modern and finished.

ordning reda planner

The leather is very smooth and has a 'quality wallet' feel to it.  And it lays blissfully flat, oh! So very flat.  The cover is unconstructed but not floppy.   It's hard to explain that and a video is probably in order but I want to use it for a while before I do a video, it's so much easier to tell about certain things in motion.

ordning reda planner

So will this work as my be all, end all, one and only planner?  Hmmm, hard to say.   As far as rings go I'm usually of the belief that size matters - a lot. But if you look at Emi's video she has a ton in her binder even though these rings are not big -maybe 20 or so mm, give or take.  Of course having a flexible cover and long enough strap helps quite a lot so...

Maybe.  Taking this is my purse is much easier then schlepping Mr. Malden and while I haven't weighed them to compare, it feels lighter then my Grand.  The leather has a smooth, durable looking finish too so I'm not overly worried about trashing it's classic looks in the garbage disposal that is my purse.

 I'm going to give it more time and see, but it's definitely in the running to be 'it'.

Thanks Emi and Ordning & Reda, I ♥ this planner!


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