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Friday, July 5, 2013

The black Filofax Ruler...

...Is not something I'm awfully fond of.  That it has inches as well as metric has kept it in my Filofaxes  through the years but I don't need to measure things all that much and the solid color hides the page underneath.   I know that's a little thing but it bugs me daily.

Last week cut apart one of the year overview pages, netting me small monthly views for the rest of the year, taped them to a spare ruler and it filled a need for me.  If you don't have a lot of pages in your Filofax finding this calendar view probably isn't a huge problem but I have 30 mm rings in my Malden and a bazillion  random pages...  It makes looking for one specific page kind of a pain.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

I'm happy with the result.  The WO2P inserts (with lines) work well for me  but I think they could be a bit better in the overview department.   Do you know what I mean?  I  wish there was a a better way to see where I am in the month when I'm looking at a specific day.


The Olympic Line burst Edition had weekly sheets with tiny numbers (representing the days of the month) running across the top of the WO1P sheets and I loved that.  The standard inserts have a small standard square calendar but the one running across the top is easier for me to know where I am with a quick glance.

I miss it.

This morning I thought of something else I could do. 

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

I punched and cut-to-size a piece of graph paper and taped it to the other side of the ruler.

BeFunky Cooling on iPhone

I numbered the squares, bottom up, and now I have a graph to track weight loss.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

If I was good at referring to sections I've made it would be easy to have a weight loss section but I fail at that.  This lets me track pounds lost and see it multiple times throughout the day; reminding me of my goal constantly.  

It's not a perfect solution in either case, and it still blocks the page below, but both sides add something useful to me and that goes along way towards mitigating the pet peeves I have with the black ruler.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Filofax charm update

There was no way to make the donation page work.   When the button was clicked it leaves the item available and I've had to refund more then once ( and it's only been up a few days.)    Even though I have been pretty on top of it, more then one ended up promised to multiple people.

I really did want to do this via donation but it's not working so I moved them to my Etsy shop, PopcornFeet.  I've had an etsy shop since 2007 and it's named after Ginger whose feet smell like pop corn :)

Here are the items currently in there along with links and thank you everyone who's tested or purchased Filofax charms already; thanks to all of you I have one of Ginger's medicines paid for, for next month plus a bit towards another one.

purple hello kitty filofax charm

Hello Kitty in a purple and pink dress

I will continue to do this as long as people want them.  I've had to set prices on etsy since there are more fees to deal with.  Hopefully, the prices I set will work for everyone.  I've only charged the shipping that it costs me to mail them.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Is the A5 Malden Durable?

I had a request to do a video on how my Filofaxes fare over time.  How they hold up, how they wear and wear they were...  It's easy to love a binder fresh out of the box but I think the question is will you love it over time?  And will it be worthy.  Also can you expect it will still be functional in years to come.

I was going to compare them together, all at once but the video would have been excruciatingly long so I'm breaking them up into individual Filofaxes.

I'm doing my Malden A5 first because even though it pained me, I had to move back into it over the weekend.

Hope this answered the questions and you find it helpful!

P.S. I usually show my dogs but the weather is awful today, torrential rains, flash flooding and thunders so Ventura has retired to the closet for the duration...  I shot some footage of him about two weeks ago, off lease in my father's back yard.   He sees my dad's yard as a salad bar and spent a good amount of time chowing down on greens.

P.S. again...  The clopping noise you hear is his brace.


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