The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2013-06-16

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Basic Black

I did a video this morning to follow up my Destressification post.  It serves a duel purpose; first to show the progress I've made in toning (way) down the colors and second as an entry in itsbyemi's contest.

It's not the complete change, there's more to be done, but it's a good start.  I'm really enjoying the monochrome colors, I find them relaxing and classic.  My Portland grand is turning into the perfect little black dress.

All it needs now is a string of pearls and we'd be welcome anywhere. 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Too Dirty for Words, Project # 6 Candle Soot

Granted this is not earthshaking (like my tub) but I'm working my way through  Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, and even a small project can drive you nuts.  Cleaning candle holders doesn't keep me up at night but I've got at least ten glass candle holders I don't use due to the difficult-to-remove soot that accumulates.  With my limited storage I'd rather use the space they take up for something important...

  Like toilet paper.  Don't laugh.  Some people never want to be without Valium, for me it's toilet paper.

Today was now or never for them.   I found a few things people said worked but I wasn't looking for a multi-step, multi-product solution; these were containers that inexpensive candles came in not family herilooms.  I was okay with throwing them away if cleaning proved difficult.

But it didn't....

First you have to remove any wax still in there.  I always throw mine in a freezer for a few hours.  The wax shrinks and most times just falls out if you turn the container over (of course, this depends on the shape of the wax vs. the container opening).

Here's the magic part:  Take a dryer sheet (Used is okay) and wipe away the candle soot.  I didn't believe it would work but took a before picture anyway  (It's all frosty because it just came out of the freezer... but you can see how much soot is on it.)

BeFunky Smart Sharpen on iPhone

About two minutes and two dryer sheets later....

BeFunky Contrast on iPhone

I was stunned.

 Give it a try... It's cheap, easy and now I can add my own candles, saving even more money.

Cleaning candle soot




I like color as much as the next guy...
Vintage Portland Grand
Maybe more. 
My dividers explode with it.
My pencil case can hardly contain it all.
Drawing to make my Filofax happy!
And my artwork...
Retro design drawing practice in my Filofax
My  artwork might be the most egregious example but lately...
ruler filofax
My neurons are firing like pop rocks and I'm living inside a migraine aura of my own design.
restoration hardware filofax divider

Destressification commences now.


Sunday, June 16, 2013


I look at my Filofax frequently.  Not just today but yesterday.   And not just yesterday but months back ,  even years back.   Most of my important dates are on weekly and yearly pages but I still keep the daily sheets.

This morning I was looking over them, deciding really what to do with them, when something struck me; I carry over a lot of things to do.   Not just big multi-step projects but little things that will take me a minute and a half to accomplish. The things I dread doing, the ones I procrastinate over litter most pages.

I wondered how long I've been working on that diet I'm always on, how long it's taken for me to clean my house... How long I've promised myself I'd live my life in a way that makes me feel proud... And I stumbled upon this....

And PS ... You can fill it in yourself to see how many days you've been around.

Just how many days I've been working on my weight is staggering and looking at that number in minutes is sobering.  How many more days do I need to get to things that are really, really important?  The only thing worse then dieting for decades is dieting for decades plus one more day.   I plan extensively on my daily pages.  It's time to work the plan.  Planning is great but it's not doing. 

As Lee Iaccoca said,  "The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen."

But it is after all is said and done, only the first step....


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