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Friday, June 7, 2013


One of the best things about a Filofax is you can customize it to make it you, make it yours.  You can redo setups from sun up to sun down and sticker it to within an inch of it's ringed life because it's more about the process then getting to the finish line.

No matter which Filofax I use, no matter how much I put in and take out, two things always seem to make the cut; crunchy bags....


 And one of the steel rods they look out of Ventura's leg.


I was thinking about these weirdo things that make my Filofax feel like home and figured I can't be the only one that keeps screwball bits in my Filofax....  

Well, okay.  I could be the only one that keeps bizarre things in my Filofax...

But probably not.

So I'm throwing out the question...

What's the biggest nutjob in yours?


Thursday, June 6, 2013


A video (not too, too long) of how changing back to my A5 Malden is going.  


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Too Dirty for Words, Project #5, The Tub

According to Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, less is more for routine cleaning jobs.  And frankly after cleaning my oven window with only a combination of baking soda and vinegar, I believe her.

She's not against stronger agents but thinks it's best to start with the simplest option, frequently just a solution of distilled white vinegar and water, and work your way up to the big cleaning guns if necessary.

Yesterday I tackled my (fiberglass) tub.  I've not been able to clean that scuzzy thing for so long I thought the marks were stains in the fiberglass rather then dirt.   In fact, I thought this method would fail so hard I didn't photograph the most egregious areas before attempting to clean them.

BeFunky Contrast on iPhone

This picture and the next show some of the  less awful spots and while icky, the truly horrifying ones went down the drain yesterday.

tub before

All I did was:  1.  Spray the areas with a solution of half distilled white vinegar/ half water.  2.  Sprinkled on baking soda.  3.  And a few more sprays to get the whole thing bubbling... and then I walked away.  

 I came back in a little while (as short as half an hour and in the case of the spot I forgot about, as long as over night) sprayed once more to dampen the area, wiped with a towel and Holy Soap Scum, Batman!  I had a white tub again.  

Seriously, I wiped away with a towel what commercial cleaners failed to remove.  There was zero elbow grease involved. Zero.  And I didn't have to clean in  a well ventilated area wearing a haz-mat suit.

I did a short video to show you how little work this was, it's not the best video in the world and the lighting is dreadful, had I videoed yesterday's darker stains the cleaning would be more obvious... but it does demonstrate how simple this is.

And the before and after...


The first picture is darker, grayer then the second (because of lighting) but you can  see the difference in the yuck factor.   The vinegar/baking soda also got rid of the discoloration around the drain.

Huge success.  Hugh.  These stains weren't removed with any cleaner I tried and I tried a lot.

  I want to add here; don't substitute my judgement for your own.  Different things need different cleaners and strongly acidic white vinegar isn't recommended for every surface.  Check what you have before you do something that might make a bad situation worse!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Filofax Saffiano Winner!

Thanks everyone who left comments.  I hope to do more of these in the near future!


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