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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Purse Monster

Last week I posted Too Dirty for Words, a post about what works and what doesn't around here, organizationally speaking.  I found  most things continue not working  no matter how many times I reboot them but two things are always organized, my utensil drawer and key chain station.

My plan was to take small areas, assess why they don't work and implement something that will work forever and ever.  I reorganized my purse first since it's a daily pain and I learned something important after tackling the purse monster.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

P.S. I even changed purses thinking maybe it was the purse and not me (It's so much easier to put the blame on inanimate objects) but in 24 hours all the neat little pouches were unzipped and empty;   the contents strewn with all the organization of a dollar store clearance bin... And that's when it hit me; I don't put anything away.  Not  in my purse, not anywhere.  

I worked this theory hard, concentrating on replacing things and after a week,  my purse is still in good shape.  

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Which is monumental.

  I'm going expand this theory beyond the walls of my purse and this week my plan is to concentrate on putting EVERYTHING away after I'm done with it.  

My how to be neat rules:

1.  If something isn't working, take the time to assess why before organizing it.
2.  Put things back where they came from. 


Friday, May 3, 2013

Cooking with... Filofax

Keeping recipes in my A5 was a breeze and worked. Period. I could write them, print them, stick magazine pages in there... It was perfect.  I didn't have a big section; recipes I frequently used, wanted to try, and general cooking methods.

chicken recipe filofax section

 Several months ago I moved into personal size and couldn't figure out what to do about recipes.  I didn't want to rewrite everything, I really didn't think it would be as efficient on small pages.

Yesterday I added a recipe to my personal but I'm not sold on the way I did it.   I'm looking for ideas other people have for keeping recipes.  If you have a great method please shoot it my way.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

Instead of a whole recipe section I just stuck it behind the 'QR' tab.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

I printed it as a 3 x 5 inch recipe card, it took two 'sides'.  Some recipes are too long to do this (you get a third side) but this one worked.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

I tacked the two sides together with Nichiban Tape (Love this! and it's refillable)and sealed off the edges with Washi Tape (because a day with out Washi Tape is like a day without sunshine) and attached it to the page along the top edge only so I could flip the recipe.

I'm not sold on it because it's not as practical or as big.   In my A5 I put the recipes pages in the plastic sleeves (the packing, really) that inserts come in.  They are the perfect size and free.  While they aren't durable like a top opening envelope, say....  They are good enough to use with something you're going to just put in and leave it that way.

When I wanted to use one I took the entire page and brought it to the kitchen.  Since it was covered with plastic it was safe from cooking spills.   If I can't make recipes work in my personal well, que sera sera...  It's not a deal breaker.  But if anyone has success with this I'd love to hear your ideas.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stand by for a giggly, glitter gushing post...

I've posted a few times showing the Japanese Diary Template that took me forever to find.   A lot of people asked questions about the templates so...  Let's chat templates!


I got it on Etsy but the seller hasn't had anything listed in ages.  I don't know if she's going to reopen her shop so I've been scouting for another way to get these.  Finding the first one took forever, finding more of them is taking longer....

The nice things about this one is there are a large variety of shapes plus letters, it's a ruler, and it's compact (fits in a personal sized Filofax long pocket).    It is made by Daiso so if you live near one (they don't sell these at their website) you might be able to pick one of these glittery pink (or blue) adorable templates. 

Recently I got two  'professional' drawing templates as a test. They don't have any of the cute factor of the pink glitter one but I think they will help me do cleaner shapes  (also hoping it cuts down on my sticker hoarding). The two I got are from Staedtler; one meant for Architects and another that is Geometric Shapes.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

There are pluses and minuses to them; at 11.3 x 5.2 x 0.1 inches they are too big to store in a personal Filofax and a bit hard to use.  Where the shape is determines how easy it will be to use with the pages left in.  Of course, you can take the pages out to work with it but that gets old after a while.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

The quality is very good and I'm sure they will last for years plus being made for precision technical drawing, what you do is very precise (Be still my OCD Heart).  But after trying to make them work, whole for a few days, I cut them apart.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

For me, they were too cumbersome to use on small pages at full size.   I'm storing the pieces in a small zipper pouch but I can store them in pieces in my Filofax, if the spirit moves me so.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

Most of the shapes are quite a bit bigger then my pretty pink template and the templates themselves aren't all sweet and girly (that could be a plus for a lot of people!)  but  most of the shapes, if not all, are usable.

I'm still hunting for actual diary templates with tiny shapes and if I score another I will post a giggly , glitter-gushing post about how cute they are. Forthwith. 


Monday, April 29, 2013

Yeah. I know what it is now...

Ever since using a Filofax I've had the same basic set up.  I've changed brands, types of paper, and binder sizes, but never the core setup.

Filofax a5 compared with a Midori Traveler's Notebook

Whatever variable I used there was always some sort of page to capture daily things interwoven between two  weekly pages for set appointments and a year on a page for a long-term overview.


Last month (or two months ago, I can't remember. It's sort of a blur) I added the Vertical Month on two Pages (and took out my weekly inserts because they seemed redundant).  I liked the month tabs and there was more room on them then there is on the yearly one page insert.  I stopped doing the yearly page almost  immediately and couldn't figure out why.  I mean I've used the yearly for five of six years and loved it.

More #filofax drawing to remind me to try on a dress I have to wear this weekend #filofaxart

Something nagged at me about my new monthly pages from the very first day.  I thought it was because I never found a way to use them that made me happy.

I had no real plan so they ended up a jumbled mess of random notes and shorthand.  But no, it wasn't the lack of aesthetics that was getting to me and when I got the voice mail from my indignant  Doctor telling me, "Hello....You were due here twenty minutes ago and, Where are you?" I knew.

The old set up worked because I was constantly seeing the weekly sheets which were  home to all future commitments.  I used daily sheets but because they were between the two halves of each week I viewed what I'd committed to many, many times.   And while I know many professional organizers extol the virtues of cutting out steps - Repetition is my bag.

Month on two page inserts sat on either side of my daily pages but there was rarely a need to even look at them and that was the problem.   I didn't.

Because my weekly inserts cuddled the daily sheets they were always nearby to nag me.  Happy little accidents of, Oh! Yeah... I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow.

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So this morning I put the weekly inserts back in and took out the monthly pages.   I'm sure it will take me a little time to recalibrate, it always does.  It was an interesting lesson for me though and it seems where the pages are matters quite a lot. In some cases where is more important then what...

BeFunky Crop on iPhone

 And the more frequently I trip over them the better.


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