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Friday, March 8, 2013

Attaboy, Staples!

While my cash envelope system is working out well, I'm not happy with the envelopes.   Regular paper envelopes don't hold up and the vinyl zipper pouches are too fiddly.   I looked around online but durable, close-able envelopes in a  Filofax personal size weren't forth coming...

I took a ride to Staples yesterday to see what they had and I may have found something I can work with (on clearance too!)


On an end-cap I found cheerful, vinyl envelopes for fifty cents each.   I bought too many because that's the right thing to do when you find something useful for fifty cents.


For now, I took all the money, put it in one envelope, and slid it in to the back slip pocket.  It's a great size for a personal size Filofax and holds quite a lot.  Using one of these per money category would take up too much room but one envelope for all of it may work out very well.

And since I was there anyway....


I looked around to see what was new.   I really like the additions to the  Martha Stewart Home Office line, particularly these bulletin boards.


There were a lot of Martha-like storage solutions...


That aren't Martha at all.

Staples seems to be actively targeting woman these days, due I'm sure, to the popularity of the Martha Stewart Home Office Line.  There was more geared to us gals then I've ever seen before and to that I say, Yay!... And what took you so long?


As to the prevailing colors this season, while still bright,  they have a softer edge and that makes me very happy. Day-glo works my last nerve. 


I found something I've been looking for for quite some time, Highlighter sticky tabs.  Post - It and ARC make some and I bought both.


Ideally, these would be twice as long but I was happy to find them at all.    Not all high lighter pens work well on paper and I thought high lighting with tape might be a neater solution. 

The only type I've located was in a school supply type place but it's a bit on the expensive side for something I'm not sure will work for me (check out what I've been looking at here).

And I finally found the adhesive pen loops I've seen on lots of blog posts.


I figured my Staples didn't carry them but turns out they keep them with the ARC supplies.  Since I've never been in that department, I never found any.  I had high hopes for this....   The plan was for it to hold my Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen

But unfortunately it's not elastic enough.   Definitely worth the $1.99 price tag but a bit too small for my four color Coleto situation.

All in all a fun, productive office supply field trip and I'm so glad to see a move towards practical, attractive office supplies.  A big ATTABOY! to Staples for that....


The BISSELL CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Technology takes on the worst carpet in the world, and wins!

In 1996 I made a decision I've regretted ever since, I picked the color emerald green to carpet my entire house.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, having a six year old child and several pets.  I was worried that if I chose a light color within five minutes of moving in I'd have a beach-ball sized grape juice stain in the middle of the living room.    Fear made me pick a dark color and decisions born of fear never quite work out the way you'd hoped.

Dark carpets hide a multitude of  stains, true.  But nothing else.   Every  speck of dust, every dog hair, every minuscule piece of anything shines as bright at the noonday sun on a dark carpet.  Even after I vacuumed, it didn't last long. Once the dust settled there was still stuff visible all over the carpet.

So when Mom Central asked if I wanted to try the BISSELL CleanView Vacuum I was all over it like the desperate woman that I am.

I pulled it out of the box, attached what needed attaching, and started it right up... I did half the carpet in the living room just to see.... And in less then two and a half minutes I'd collected a horrifying amount of dirt and dust.

The OnePass Tech­nol­ogy really does allow for fast and thorough  cleaning   When I was  done the carpet looked great.  I waited to see what happened when the dust settled and... Nothing happened!  The BISSELL sucked up so much general dust I didn't have that awful redistribution of  flotsam and jetsam I had in the past.... and FYI the carpet looked great the next day. This seriously brought tears to my eyes...

The pros

  • It cleaned on one pass over the carpet.
  • It is a large vacuum, but easy to move around.
  • I didn't lose suction as I vacuumed.
  • It's magical on carpets
  • It cleans carpet better then any vacuum I've owned at any price (It's priced around $80).
  • The cord is 25 feet long so I'm not moving around the house from socket to socket. 

The cons

  • I'd prefer a different on/off switch in a different location.
  • It's meant for carpeted areas primarily (but since it's the carpets that keep me awake at night, this wasn't an issue for me.)
  • I would prefer internal cord storage.
I'm very happy and I give the BISSELL CleanView Vacuum 5 formally dust-covered thumbs up! 

 BISSELL is giving away a CleanView vacuum to one lucky winner who enters their facebook contest and tells them what they would do with extra time in their day.  The contest ends on March 9th so enter now.  Even if you don't have an evil carpet like I do it's wonderful to be able to clean faster.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for BISSELL. I received a product sample to help facilitate my review.”


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