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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Big Bang; only with stickers, not stars

When I'm home I always have my Filofax with me (also my laptop, pens, stickers, hand cream, iPhone...etc.).   Moving it all up and downstairs was complicated.  I balanced everything on my closed laptop and we all teetered down the stairs.

After dropping everything twice (watching it all tumble down and hit the wood floor was heart stopping) I decided I needed something to corral the small items. I've been thinking of doing this for a while because without a container for the many small bits I felt like a confused planet surrounded by a million teeny moons...  In no particular orbit.

P.S. The above will only make sense  if, at some point,  you've been surrounded by dozens of pens and a hundred (give or take) sheets of stickers.

I didn't have any particular item in mind and was open to any sort of container the right size. But this structured basket (From TJMaxx)  was love at first site.  It's polyester but looks like linen and I love the colors.


The $5.99 price tag, that it's big enough to hold everything, looks neat and attractive, and is  
a heathered Tiffany blue color made me do the organized happy dance right there in TJMaxx...


It's much more beautiful and functional then the gallon-sized freezer bags I was using.


The inside  is the same natural linen color as the outside but with a tighter weave and I love the way it looks contrasted with the heathered robin's egg blue of the outside.


I'm not putting everything I own in this basket.   I did a video a few days ago about organizing my Longchamp purse and when I got everything organized and in the bag it was too big to fit in the grocery-cart seat. 

 Seriously, my bag was bigger then a toddler and weighed twice as much.

I had a re-think about what I really needed to lug around and my thoughts wandered to my Filofax Supplies.  Did I really need every pen I own with me when I move from room to room?  

No.  That's  a little crazy and if I didn't have the one I wanted I could just put on my big girl panties and walk upstairs to get it.

If  you're getting the feeling that every time you open your Filofax there is a tornado of office supplies orbiting you I suggest looking for a container; there are tons of attractive, functional options around.  

This arrangement is a  huge improvement over starting my day with all the chaos of The Big Bang...  only with stickers, not stars.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Upcycling Guts

While I was wracking my brain trying to work out a place in my Filofax for nutrition info (and thanks everyone for your suggestions!) I realized I hadn't entirely used that Punctuate Vinyl Planner from Barnes and Noble.

I bought it back in November and at the time it wasn't available online but I had another look just because and what do you know?  The 2014 versions are available for pre-order (May 28, 2013 release date.)   The downside is there are no pictures yet but I bookmarked the page (here) to go back at the end of May.  They are priced at $8.95 which is a STEAL considering all the pages and extras included (dividers, ruler, sticker, zip pocket and more).

This post isn't really about that but I know a lot of people liked them so I wanted to pass on the link.

I used a lot of the extras that came with the planner but still had the planner itself...


So I chopped it up this weekend.

BeFunky Viewfinder 6 on iPhone

The back cover has a pen loop so now I have an extra one!


I cut the cover off, punched it and cut slits so it's removable.  I put some of my nutrition info in the half pocket and until I figure out what to do permanently, this will work.


Since I had the other cover I made a  brandy new, clear, dot covered bookmark.  I kinda love the dots and being able to reuse old parts in new ways gives me the giggles!


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