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Friday, February 22, 2013

um... Help?

I've been using the two page per day undated personal day planner ( $4 for 20 sheets pack on the US Filofax website) and I really like them.

The left side page is a plain lined format and the right is broken up into sections.  I don't pay any attention to how the sections are titled; in mine the top section is personal items I need to do daily, the second is a food log and the third are things I need to do/buy that day (usually groceries).


I don't know why this is working for me but it is, in a big way. It might be because the separation of topics making it very easy to figure out what's going on in my day... But I'm not totally sure.  This isn't a format that's ever worked before.  

What I need help with is the food diary (the arrowed section).   I write what I eat and nutrition information; that part is fine.  I need to figure out how to include a reference list of common foods I eat.  When I first started I was just flipping back to find the items on other days but as it's been going on that's a lot of flipping every time I log something in. 

Since the list will get bigger every time I add a new item, it needs to be expandable and I want to be able to move it from one day to the next without having to open the rings.   I've tried several things and nothing is working for me  so....

Help.... anyone?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update on the Midori Passport Traveler's Notebook

I've been using it as a wallet for about two weeks and it working out REALLY well.  I love the Traveler's Notebooks and am so glad to be using one every, single day!

It makes my inner notebook geek sing!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Drive-thru planning...

I write a lot about organizing but I struggle with it.  I've come up with what I think are the main reasons:

  1. When I think about something, unless I act on immediately or write it down, it's gone in 35 seconds.  
  2. It takes me forever to build a habit.
  3. I enjoy the planning process more then the doing process (and planning isn't doing).
  4. I feel so behind most days that I'm playing catch-up instead of moving forward.
  5. What works best for me is, the less rules the better, but that has it's own problems... Like I don't always remember where I put the information I need.
  6. Sometimes I start tasks but don't finish them so I'm never quite done with anything.
  7. I thrive in a visually simple environment, too much  clutter makes me feel edgy and saps my energy,  but it's hard to pare down.
  8. I live with other disorganized people so sometimes it doesn't matter what I do.
  9. When I hyper-focus, I lose the big picture. 
Filofax a5 compared with a Midori Traveler's Notebook

It's all a little overwhelming some days. 

I will admit some things are better when I religiously use my Filofax, especially numbers 1 and 5 but number 3 is an organizing killer. I need a balance of planning and doing, without it using a planner is just another hobby.  And that I don't need!  

Okay. This stuff is giddy-making! #smash #k&company #filofax

Not that long ago I wrote myself a how to be neat list and I think the one about laundry (The laundry isn't done until it's put away) applies to planning too.  My to-do lists help enormously with getting things done.  At least I have a chance to move forward with tasks but writing things down is only the first part, the easy part. 

In some ways writing things down feels magical, like I'm  there already.  But that's a problem.  I'm expecting it to be a drive-thru experience.  Do you know what I mean?  When you go to a fast food restaurant and give your order to a microphone, it tells you to drive up to the next window and Voila! My dinner pops out a window requiring no participation on my part. 

Writing tasks down for the day feels like that sometimes; I expect the Filofax Fairy to finish for me. Now I  see what I'm doing and it's a lot like throwing dirty laundry in the washer and expecting it to reappear in my drawers, clean and pressed, a few hours later.  

Perhaps as I continue to use my Filofax, I'll get better at planning out the steps, figuring out the time management of it all, and that will help me with the getting done part.  For now I need to slow down, learn to manage  my days a little better and pay attention to completing  each step myself. 

 But mostly I need to stop expecting my Filofax to be the planning equivalent of a fast food drive-thru .... There are many steps  between ordering a Big Mac and getting one  and between planning out my days and getting everything done.   I don't have to make the burger but I do have to participate in my own life to get from to do to to done.

personal portland filofax

And we both will be much happier when that happens...


I'm going to send my pretty little yellow hot mess to...

Email me your address Liz so I can sent it to you!  I hope you can use it or at least figure out if the mini works for you!  


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