The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2013-02-03

Friday, February 8, 2013

Filofax, stickers and random planner chat

I decided to do a Filofax video to manage my pre-blizzard anxiety level. The weather channel has been revving me up since yesterday with images like this one...

It's raising my anxiety level into the spastic range and I can't watch anymore...


Filofax, stickers and random planner chat

While awaiting the Blizzard I decided to do a Filofax Video....


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today's Vintage Ad, Better Homes & Gardens 1956 Fabulous Foodorama

I don't really know what to say about the Kelvinator Food-O-Rama except it's as big as an amusement park and twice as much fun!

Click for larger image to peek inside this suburban monster of storage.

The magazine itself is so big I can't scan it but I included their map of the different section.  Personally the Banana Bin kinda tweaks my funny bone.

It's section eight... 

Tinkerbell has this very same fridge in Disney's Kelvinator-Land. 


Anyone want a Filofax mini piazza?

A little bit ago I posted about adding transfers to my mini yellow piazza because of stains on the cover. I'm committed to using or losing stuff so I tried and save it.  It's didn't work out.

Mini isn't (ever going to be ) my preferred size and the transfers started to come off.


A huge bummer...

To be realistic... even if they stayed on I doubt it would have worked out, I just can't make those tiny pages work for me.  But it was an important experiment; you don't know what will work without putting in the effort...  After all, I never thought I could use the personal size and now I'm as happy with it as a person with a working furnace in below freezing weather...

...With a good chance of significant snow fall over the next few days.

In an effort to try and get some Positive Furnace Karma I'm going to give away the Piazza.  Maybe there is someone out there who wants to try out a mini size Filofax but doesn't want to make an investment before knowing if it will be an effective planner size. 

 Someone who doesn't care about the peeling transfers because they are just testing the mini waters, not looking for a fashion accessory.  Someone who will shoot me some warm vibes because it's going to be cold tonight and every time I turn on the furnace the smoke alarm goes off... So needless to say, no heat till it's replaced.  

No idea if anyone is interested (although I could use the warm vibes anyway, it's an icebox in here) but if I get more then one taker I'll run it through and pick.  Not sure when, sometime after my random dot org picking finger warms up...

Comment (anyone from anywhere!)if you want my pretty, little, yellow, hot mess!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The big clipper

A few weeks ago Christa sent me a magnetic clip.  I'd wanted one for oh! Ages to keep my diary pages in a tidy lump!  I also have a lot of loosely related single pages, lists of different topics, that need to live together as a group of lists in my Filofax ....but it's hard to find individual pages through the haystack.

I've always been an enthusiastic grouper of things and I especially love paper clips. Not so much the one's shaped like say, trombones though.  I like unusual, but still paper clipish, paper clips.


The one on the right is called an owl paper clip and the top one I got in a vintage button box last year, it's called a ring clip.  I love the ring clip design, they are very secure,  but I never found more.  Until last week...


Searching Etsy  under the tag Vintage with the words "round paper clips" I found a listing for an entire box of them ($5.95) They are a scoochy bit bigger then mine (which is a positive) and I received them yesterday.  

It can be hard to find unusual items like this, it takes a bit of waiting and searching.... Waiting and searching....The owl clips are available online but the ring clips were harder to get hold of.  


Because I needed something while waiting for the vintage ones to surface and while deciding about more magnetic clips, I turned to Staples and found Klix.  They are a one-piece clamp type clasp and hold more pages then standard paper clips but less then a magnetic clip (but they take up less rooms then the magnetic ones).   They are on Staples online, Amazon and come in a variety of configurations and colors.

 I did the happy clip dance all day yesterday as I grouped and regrouped all kinds of pages together.  And I know, the clip thing is a bit of a weird office supply fetish but there are worse obsessions.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Overcooked potatoes and Filofax with a side order of enabling

I changed to my A5 last week because I wanted to carry Ventura's pet therapy paperwork without shrinking down a ton of 8 1/2" by 11" sized information to fit in a personal.   The size is also better for creating/managing my deep cleaning lists and printing (for storage ) online shopping receipts.

The only problem is I've hardly touched it since I moved everything.  I don't know what my problem is but every time I open it (which is a metric poop ton of  times a day) I frown and close it back up again.  I've been positively in a funk since I moved back into my Malden.  It feels like my life is off somehow but  I can't put my finger on the problem  beyond saying, I'm mopey.  

After sulking around the house (all night long) I pulled out my Portland personal and wrote a to-do list.  I'm not sure where I'm going plannerly speaking. I still had the apathetic gloom after fondling my Portland.   I sat around watching bad TV for hours (easy to do around 3 a.m.)  until I decided to enable myself.

It's an insert for a cell phone...

The brand is Davinci ( A Japanese brand found here) and immediately I felt less like an overcooked potato. 

If you use Google Chrome for a browser it will translate the page for you.  I believe the size I need is 'M' although it's a little confusing; between translating from Google-translated Japanese (tricky) to English and from Yen to USD and metric to imperial, I'm feeling mathematically scrambled but here's what I came up with:  The price 2,800 yen (2,940 yen including tax) or about $32 USD.  It comes in Black, Brown, and Wine with a size of W103 x H165 x D13mm  It can accommodate a Smartphone with dimensions less then W83 x H147 x D10mm.

And from the pictures it looks like you can use the phone while it's inside the planner, which is way cool.

I took a look at my Portland to see if I really NEEDED it although need is such an ugly word when speaking of planners....


And I guess the answer is, no.  I don't need it.


But I really, really want it...


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