The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2013-01-06

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A nagging annoyance

About a week ago I decided I needed a weekly bookmark for my Filofax.  With daily sheets interleaved between the two page per weeklies I was forever flipping back and forth looking for the page I needed.

I write appointments, food, meds... Stuff like that on the weeklies and I need to find them a couple o' few times a day.  I had a bookmark in there but it wasn't helping because I kept the dailies mid-week; the Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday page sat on the left side of my daily sheets and the rest of the week on the right.

It wasn't working; not in a huge fail type way but in a nagging, annoying sort of way that makes my head feel like it's going to explode.

I moved the whole week of dailies ahead of the two weekly pages and made a laminated half-width page to make the weekly view easier to find.

The edge is identified above since it's hard to see. The colorful part is a paint chip thing (  Romi has a thing for paint chips too).

I used a Martha Stewart tab to make the top and added some stickers for pizzazz.

And a pink bunny on the bottom just because...

I used self-laminating sheets  made for photographs (a lot like this stuff).  Self-Laminating products come in a lot of sizes but I thought using the smaller size would minimize waste.  It's tricky to work with but if I ever get good as the smoothing out part, I might make dividers too.

The nice thing is (besides it being easy to find my week inserts) is I can see through it.  I thought of using a photograph but I wanted to keep it clearish.  

This was an easy project.  Yes, working with self-laminating sheets is kind of fiddly but it's a great (cost-effective) way to make very durable  personalized dividers.    


Monday, January 7, 2013

Parade of to-do sheets sans accomplishments

Last week was busy with all the holidays; lots of details to keep up with but not many things to plan.  Do you know what I mean?   The planning was done and I had to keep track of a hundred teeny things at once.   So this week was more about keeping up with the silly daily details of my life because when I get busy I forget the every day stuff. 

 If I don't write  in SHOWER on a day I'll be managing a million small details before I know it, it's eight o'clock p.m. and I haven't taken one.  

BeFunky OrtonArt on iPhone

I use repetition  for habit building too.  I have to do 'new' things over and over before they occur to me naturally.  So this week was very repetitive.   Some people say it takes 28 days to build a habit but I think it takes me much longer...

BeFunky OrtonArt on iPhone

Many things transferred over each day because of that, plus I was busy even though it doesn't look much like it in my Filofax.  Holidays are fun but exhausting.

BeFunky OrtonArt on iPhone

I tried to plan out my days but mostly I was putting out unexpected holiday related fires ( finding a last minute gift, calling someone, needing something for a holiday menu, etc.)

BeFunky OrtonArt on iPhone

I'm looking forward to things being back to normal.

BeFunky OrtonArt on iPhone

And spring, I'm looking forward to that very much.  In case you are too there are 71 days,  9 hours, 32 minutes, and 4 seconds, until Spring.

BeFunky OrtonArt on iPhone

Hopefully this week will be more productive.  Transferring things from one day to the next makes me feel like I'm not accomplishing very much at all.   There are a few things I need to get done this week (scheduling appointments) and a few projects I want to begin (learn to knit, refinish a coffee table) so hopefully when I next look back I'll feel a sense of accomplishment.

This week didn't feel like I moved my life forward, next week I want to look back and feel proud of myself!  I want to see an Accomplished List more then a To-Do List.


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