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Monday, January 7, 2013

Parade of to-do sheets sans accomplishments

Last week was busy with all the holidays; lots of details to keep up with but not many things to plan.  Do you know what I mean?   The planning was done and I had to keep track of a hundred teeny things at once.   So this week was more about keeping up with the silly daily details of my life because when I get busy I forget the every day stuff. 

 If I don't write  in SHOWER on a day I'll be managing a million small details before I know it, it's eight o'clock p.m. and I haven't taken one.  

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I use repetition  for habit building too.  I have to do 'new' things over and over before they occur to me naturally.  So this week was very repetitive.   Some people say it takes 28 days to build a habit but I think it takes me much longer...

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Many things transferred over each day because of that, plus I was busy even though it doesn't look much like it in my Filofax.  Holidays are fun but exhausting.

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I tried to plan out my days but mostly I was putting out unexpected holiday related fires ( finding a last minute gift, calling someone, needing something for a holiday menu, etc.)

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I'm looking forward to things being back to normal.

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And spring, I'm looking forward to that very much.  In case you are too there are 71 days,  9 hours, 32 minutes, and 4 seconds, until Spring.

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Hopefully this week will be more productive.  Transferring things from one day to the next makes me feel like I'm not accomplishing very much at all.   There are a few things I need to get done this week (scheduling appointments) and a few projects I want to begin (learn to knit, refinish a coffee table) so hopefully when I next look back I'll feel a sense of accomplishment.

This week didn't feel like I moved my life forward, next week I want to look back and feel proud of myself!  I want to see an Accomplished List more then a To-Do List.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Filofaxes, pens, and a greyhound in trilogy

I did a Filofax Video in parts and couldn't edit it together.  Why is editing and uploading so hard?

In the end it's a trilogy  that would have been better as one; much like The Matrix.

Link for part 2 and  part 3.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm trying to do better financially in 2013 then I did in 2012.   Over the last week I've looked for places I could improve. The worst categories, the places I used the least restraint were groceries, office supplies, and beauty products (especially nail polish).   

Not that I was great in other areas but these were the areas I had the most impulse purchases.  I set up a cash section in my Filofax to keep me honest. 


 I pay myself first this way and plan ahead.

But yesterday when I brought home a freecycled coffee table, I realized I handled one area very frugally; furniture and decorating.  Looking around my house I've gotten a lot of things for almost nothing... Or totally nothing. 

eames era surfboard coffee table

This is a 50's or 60's surf board coffee table and it's amazing (now that the dirt is off).  I have the matching side table but it's missing the glass so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

Another great find was my kitchen table and chairs, acquired separately through freecycle.


The candle holders are reproduction that I paid a few dollars for.  They went with the theme I had going but didn't have a plan for them right away.  Ultimately I put them on my table with resin copper-fleck candles (a gift) and I love the look.  


My corner table has also evolved nicely.  It has items from lots of frugal resources. 


Table-scaping isn't something I rock at but I think it looks pretty good.

The thing with decorating like this is it requires patience (there might be six months between finding the table and the chairs), the willingness to make mistakes (some things really are trash), and a little vision; there are things that look like garbage but with very little work or some cleaning they can be amazing!

I didn't realize how many things I'd gotten in the last two years for next to nothing until I started looking at things I could do better.  Reevaluating finances is a good thing; you can't know what direction to go until you look at where you've been.

And and it never hurts to acknowledge what you're  doing right.  Your self-esteem will thank you for the "Attagirl!"


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