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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Working on the Malden leather, video and still images

I've been working with my Filofax Malden for almost a week, trying to get the coating off.    I did a video but am also using some still shots to try and show how it went.

Because the binder is grey it's pretty hard to see variations in anything but I think these might show a few things.

The grain pattern really varies and seemed to influence overall success.

The grain pattern on the front cover is tighter then it is on the back, denser maybe is a better word.   And the places where the snap sits is the smoothest, least grained section.  The leather looks more luxurious, higher quality.   I'm guessing the people who love their Maldens have this leather covering the entire binder.  

After days of trying all kinds of things, from hand and body lotions to a nail file to alcohol the front cover is more matte and you can see the pores in the leather.   It also feels more supple although not nearly as natural as the back cover.

You can see the pores better in this picture.

As to the back cover, it's different from any other area. It looked looser, rougher before I started.  There seemed to be actual cracks in the cover but I think it was just the finish/coating.    The grain isn't as tight  and it was much easier to get a more leathery vibe going.   It's got a worn-in leather jacket look now and it's appeal to me has gone up a lot, I love the back.

I know I've said this a hundred times already but here it is again;  I don't recommend anyone do this. The leather varies between and within individual planners.  The results are entirely unpredictable and I think having it work out in a way that makes you happy isn't likely.   I didn't like this planner at all before I started and it was either make it work for me or sell it.   I decided to go for it knowing I wouldn't be able to sell it after.   

I'm happy with the result so far and plan to do a bit more and see if I can further remove the coating but I like lived-in planners... The signs of wear are crazy appealing to me but this isn't to many people's taste.   


Amy Curtis 12/21/13, 9:59 PM  

Hello! I saw a YouTube video that showed a red riding hood and wolf zipper pouch with two card slots on the back. I was wondering if you make them or know where I can get one. Thank you!

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