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Monday, December 30, 2013

The shreds of my own frustration

I just posted a video and I'll embed it here but I wanted to show a few still shots of the Filofax Storage Binder.   I had high hopes for this but I should have known it wasn't what I needed; there is very little information on the website and no internal pictures.

The cover itself is perfectly fine, a thick vinyl and I really like the silver embellishments; Filofax written on the cover and the side 'F' logo.

There's even a side tab so you can add a note about dates or topics.

I thought these would look great on a shelf all lined up like identical little organizing soldiers.  There is something relaxing about groups of same items.  

Yes, I could use actual binders but with the recent explosive popularity of Filofax organizers, I'm out-priced.  I thought finding a cheap A5 Apex would be a breeze but it was shocking.  There is a listing for only one on ebay and it's over $80 which is flat out insane.   Even as much as I love Filofax products, no.  Just no.

This type of product needs a cheap, functional cover and giant rings so you can store years worth of pages but it has pegs (and only two). Plus the peg snap-tops are attached to the cover (... for the love of all things holy, why? )  ...meaning the  cover hardly opens up without unsnapping it.  Also if I want something from the bottom I can't without removing everything above it.  

 I'm one hundred percent positive I'd  want to rip it into the shreds of my own frustration every time I need to use it.    

It barely survived the making of this morning's video intact.

I know $18 isn't much to most people but it is to me.  I don't have eighteen extra dollars, ever.   It's why I'm so careful about buying and why I don't buy much...  Mistakes are inevitable, I can deal with that but this product isn't really suitable for it's intended use and that's difficult to reconcile.

If you want to see it in motion, or see how my Filofax leather experiment went, or see my Midori Traveler's Notebook as an art journal...  Here's the video!


Gabby in Progress 12/30/13, 8:58 PM  

So disappointing. I know how you feel about money. Those $18 is a meal for the family here. Hope you find a better system and a cheaper one.

Tracy Reinhardt 12/31/13, 9:02 AM  

Gabby, Sorry I missed the comment yesterday! That's how I feel about money too...

Mary G 12/31/13, 5:21 PM  

Thank you for posting! The lack of photos and descriptions on the Filofax website is very odd to me.

I'm with you on the $18. Very frustrating. Can you return it?

kanalt 12/31/13, 7:49 PM  

I had bought 2 of these and found myself with the same frsutrations as you've mentioned here. I ended up buying storage binders from Franklin Covey (discussed by both Homemakers Daily and Crazy Life of J). I have to say they are wonderful! They have rings, not pegs, so you can easily find and access what you need. Plus, I've been able to get more than a year's worth of pages in one binder (depending on the inserts you use -- a year of 2ppd does take u and entire binder). And as I recall (though don't quote me), each is around $8.

Anita Lim 1/2/14, 1:09 PM  

I considered buying one of these, but remember some one else (possibly Laurie) having exactly the same issues as yourself. Like kanalt, I got myself a Franklin Covey one instead & I'd really recommend them. If you can't return it, maybe you could sell it & get the decent FC one??

Tracy Reinhardt 1/2/14, 4:41 PM  

Anita, I would but I'm using an a5 so the other brands are seven ring... I'm tired of all this ring drama. sometimes I'm ready to move to bound books which equal no archiving issues

Tracy Reinhardt 1/2/14, 4:42 PM  

Kanalt, do you mean the fc binders fit a5 filofax pages??

Tracy Reinhardt 1/2/14, 4:43 PM  

mary, No i opened it, tried to use it... you have to bend the cover to view pages so it no longer looks 'new'

kanalt 1/2/14, 4:44 PM  

Sorry, no. I didn't realize you are using A5 for some reason. I'm not familiar with the FC A5 equivalent.

Tracy Reinhardt 1/2/14, 5:27 PM  

kanalt - oh darn! I thought maybe they had a two ring thing that worked

kanalt 1/2/14, 6:05 PM  

Actually, the personal size does have only two rings. You can read my write-up here:

I have no idea what their A5 archival binders are like. I'm sure if you can't find the answer online that you could call and ask about it...

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