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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Planners, Germs....

I just got this fabulous bamboo cutting board with an entire set of interchangeable,  hygienic,  washable mats. It's perfect for me because while I love my current (standard wood) cutting board there's a lot I won't use it for... Like meat of any kind.   Raw poultry scares me more then public speaking...

But when I look at these perfect weapons in the war on germs all I see is Filofax Dividers.

 It's a sickness, this planner thing of ours.  Not a sickness like you get from raw chicken, but a sickness none the less...


Molly Clements 12/31/13, 10:58 AM  

ha ha! "to a hammer, everything is a nail" I guess to a planner, everything is filo-fax-tastic!

(p.s. thanks for posting in our planner peace group, now i've got your blog as a another source/favorite)


Josh LaPorte 12/31/13, 12:01 PM  

Ha! I love it!

paperscribe 12/31/13, 7:13 PM  

We'll all die from something, right? ;)

Giftie Etcetera 1/1/14, 6:46 PM  

I have those, too. And planner dividers is all I can see now - so thanks! Lol.

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