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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My own personal trail of breadcrumbs

Monday I did a current setup video and had a few questions about how I use the Filofax Full Year Vertical Planner.
filofax year planner

I decided to do this as a blog post (although I may do a video as well) because the explanation is best shown with still images. 

There are two things that never change about my set up; that I sandwich daily pages between some variation of a week on two page format and the Filofax Vertical Yearly Insert.  I've been using this for years, even taping it into bound planners, because it works perfectly for me.

travelers notebook

Over the years I've tried other formats..

filofax with year on one page calendar

And brands.


Always coming back to this one.


It's the perfect marriage of form and function.

A lot of people have this insert and we all use it differently.   There isn't a huge amount of writing space per day so it tends to have a single purpose; some are used for birthday notations, or holiday and days off, some use it for payday and vacation planning , others as a school calendar (especially good for coordinating multiple children in different schools), and to denote personal vs. business travel dates.

The uses are all different but it seems to be primarily an advanced planning tool whereas I use mine mostly as an information index and keep multiple years in my binder.  There is a finite amount of space in any ringed binder and eventually some of the daily and monthly pages have to be removed.  Archived  information is retrievable but it's so much easier to have major events in one place (especially if you switch binders regularly).

This  insert has a reasonable amount of room; certainly enough room to capture one specific item.


More then one if you use translucent sticky tabs...

 It works  like bullet planning and is especially useful  if you archive past pages.  For me, it's the best big picture overview I've found and as such, it makes the perfect index for past pages.   If all you're looking for is the date something happened a quick scan is enough, if you need more, this insert provides a way to find all the detailed information.  And sure you can thumb through pages and pages of archived inserts to find what you need, but why spend that much time if you don't have too.

If you have a lot of things to keep track of (For example: You keep business and personal items in one binder), you could add two (or more) of these to separate it all out.  Even in multiples  this insert won't take up very much space in the rings.  

 I keep track of many things on the year insert; purchase dates for warranty purposes, service and technical support calls and visits, medical information like appointments and prescription changes, vet visits, personal events such as births or deaths, dates projects were started or completed, dates my credit card was over charged and when the problem was resolved ...  Anything I think I may have to refer back to sooner or later gets written down.  I do occasionally  use it as an advance planning tool.  I stuck this note in sometime last year to remind me about an important expiration date.


But for me it's works best as a kind of analog mainframe, or better still,  my own personal trail of breadcrumbs that I can follow home.


Josh LaPorte 12/4/13, 8:35 AM  

I don't have anything like this and often wish I did. Being able to see when something happened would be great, but I seem to be almost completely incapable of developing and maintaining any sort of indexing system for my planner. Very inspiring post!

Tracy Reinhardt 12/4/13, 8:42 AM  

Josh, I know what you mean - This is something that almost evolved out out no where - I've always used this insert and from time to time I'd add in some random bit of information. One day I was trying to find out something and happened to look at it and realized if I captured info in it purposefully it could be really useful. And it was - the more I added to it intentionally the more I found I had an index of everything - I think set ups need to evolve and this one did for me

mppaul2 12/4/13, 10:05 AM  

Thanks for sharing Tracy! I think I commented early that I was going to use this same idea for similar tracking of yearly renewal events. It's helpful to see how you step through your usage

Debralyn 12/4/13, 2:53 PM  

Thank you. I'm going to give this a try. I like the idea of having the capability of so much information in an insert that takes up so little space in the rings.

Tracy Reinhardt 12/4/13, 2:59 PM  

mppaul2- I really think some version of this would work for many people. Most times there is no 'main' index

Debralyn - that's the magic of it for me!


Claudia Volkman 12/7/13, 6:25 AM  

This truly inspired me, Tracy! I have used these periodically but not quite like you're suggesting. Great idea for 2014 - Thank you!

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