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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anonymous Filofax spotted in the wild

I was flipping through a Better Homes and Gardens (January 2014) issue last night.  I'm a total sucker for this months theme, simply organized.   

As an aside,  I can't resist magazines with big, bright, bold organizing words on the cover...

So I started looking at it and stopped cold when got  to page 17...


That is so a Filofax Original Organizer in gold. I couldn't find a credit on the page so I double checked on the Filofax website and...

Original Personal Yellow Large


I flipped to the product resource section next but nope, wasn't there either. This is the note topping that section...


Okay, well it's not vintage.   Discontinued?  Hmm, don't think so although suppose it could be. Either way it's still available for sale, so sort of a moot point.    As to the source being unknown... that's crazy talk.  It says it on the button for Pete's sake, no one with a pulse could miss that.    

I thought, maybe it's a knock-off?  I dismissed that quickly; there's no way Better Homes and Gardens would condone the whole knock-off industry by showing one in their magazine.   Which leaves only  that's its an un-credited photo of a Filofax. And what a shame that is.

 Paper planning seems to be having a resurgence lately, showing up in all kinds of media. I can imagine that like me, many people are suckers for magazines that promise organizing solutions on their covers.    And I can imagine a lot of those people would be intrigued by the wide, world of paper planning...

What a shame they won't be able to find out it's a Filofax Organizer.


Giftie Etcetera 12/10/13, 2:31 PM  

We need to educate them!

Tracy Reinhardt 12/10/13, 3:26 PM  

Giftie, I so agree. I tweeted them about it but no answer... what a shame

MySummerTouch 12/10/13, 6:09 PM  

I agree with you, they need to put a small noteon where to find a ff in thecnext issue!

Susan Mac 12/10/13, 11:36 PM  

They should really show the picture again in next months' issue and use the correct attribution. We can't let a filo be shamed like this. Tracy, I can do a stiff and sniffy letter to the editor if you like.

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