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Friday, November 29, 2013


I'm totally over sticky notes because if I have to glue them on and tape down the one's that roll, what's the point?   For the last few months I've griped about sticky notes (not) a lot because it irritates me. They have one job. One!  For the love of all things papery, why sell a sticky product if they stick in an wholly non-committal fashion?

 One day I threw my hands up in disgust and bagged the sticky (not) thing, using small scraps of paper, punched, and housed in the rings instead.   The advantages are many but the main one's are that I can use up random scraps, archiving this way is much more efficient, and I don't have the constant sticky thorn in my side.


But I've noticed some evil stickiness afoot recently. Instead of acting contrite the sticky notes (not) are taunting me.  Out of nowhere one will show up stuck to Ventura. 

I found another stuck so hard to the floor I had to scrape it off and two days ago Ben said, "Ma.  What's stuck to your butt?"

Yeah, an especially persistent sticky note. 

At first I thought, This is all so weird!  They don't stick to paper but  fuse with everything else on a molecular level.   I thought they were haunting me for a while but because of what happened yesterday I know, without a doubt, those accursed sticky notes are out to get me.

BeFunky Crop on iPhone

I've tried to flush that treacherous thing down for an entire day and it's not even curling; they are staging a sticky revolt.  

Cover me guys, I'm going in...


Giftie Etcetera 11/29/13, 11:02 AM  

Ha ha! This is great - and so true.

Carole Anne Carr 11/29/13, 11:04 AM  

I'm after wallpaper paste at the moment, have the urge to create more papier-mache, hope I don't have the same problem! 11/29/13, 12:09 PM  

They can be cantankerous like that!

What brand are you buying? I've found that if I buy anything but the Post-It-Note brand, they don't stick.

Susan Mac 11/29/13, 2:49 PM  

How is it that they stay flat on the note-pad and immediately curl up in my Filo? I'm with you.

MySummerTouch 11/29/13, 8:30 PM  

Haha! I agree with you on every thing! That's why I avoid to use them at all cost!

Tracy Reinhardt 11/29/13, 8:51 PM  

Giftie, SO frustrating!!

Caroleanne - hope you don't too!

Homemakers - nope, not post it. I think you're right and josh said the same thing. Think post it is superior but I don't like them as much aesthetically.

Susan, exactly. And why? Why is that????

Clara - I've spent too much money already on those things. No more for me either

Desert Mermaid 12/1/13, 12:37 PM  

Tracy, Dearest -- are you there? Are you still alive? Hello? HELLOOOOO? (hee)(while all you say is true, I am a post-it note ho' and always have been, never gonna get over it, so I've just adapted by helping out the dadgum things with washi tape)

kanalt 12/2/13, 7:46 AM  

I agree with the mention above, that the only sticky notes that actually stick to paper (in my experience) is the Post-it note brand. I won't buy any other brand, no matter how cute they are. I buy stickies for functionality. Post-it's are a bit more expensive, but I find them totally worth the extra money. And every once in a while you can find very cute styles.

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