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Friday, November 8, 2013


I've switched binders a lot lately, from one size to another and between brands. And for periods of time as short as a few hours to as long as several months.

In a recent post called Hot dog stuffed crust Filofax, I made peace with the madness, accepted it, and stopped thinking of it as a problem.  Playing with my planners relaxes me and on days I'm feeling anxious and out of control it helps take the edge off.   It's a pretty harmless coping skill.

Since finding  Zen about switching I've been in  Malden A5. I  love my binders and each calls to me for a different reason. A lot of people can manage multiple binders but since I can't, I am continually twitchy for one I'm not using.

Eventually I give in because the grass is always greener on the other Filofax but I'd really  like to finish out the year in my Filofax Malden A5.    I'm pooped from this binder wanderlust.  

Instead of constantly lusting for what it doesn't have I decided to take inventory of the things that work so yesterday I took a good look at the positives.


Of all the planners I have, the Malden has the most efficient use of space.  All slots and pockets are totally usable. I can get as much as I want in them and none are so stiff it's rendered unusable.   Filling them also gives structure to the cover and this go around I added something to stiffen them intentionally. 

In the long front pocket I added a Franklin Covey page lifter I've had forever.  It's the right size for a Filofax A5 but has seven rings so using it for structure gives it purpose.


In the back pocket I put an A5 sized notebook.   I've been experimenting with different A5 papers lately and this one (a recent jetpens purchase)  is great.  It's the Kokuyo Campus Highgrade MIO Notebook and I've been using it as daily pages since I ripped open the package and clutched it to my chest.

 It's lovely to write on, takes ink well and is very smooth.    The paper is a creamy white with muted lines and it has a lovely translucence, making it relaxing to look at.  


The Malden has room to spare so I added the A to Z tabs as a ringed file.  This has worked for me in the past and I expect it will continue to be an asset.   The binder has two good sized pen loops and a strap that goes on for days.

You really can't fill a binder with a short strap to capacity, but this strap is a long, tall drink of water...


The 30 mm rings are roomy enough to handle extras.  I plan on keeping multiple year on a page inserts in there to easily find important dates; doctor's appointments, purchase dates (for warranty and return purposes), and for a record of things that renew (Amazon Prime, insurance, Ventura's dog license and therapy dog registration).

This is the first year doing that but wish I'd thought of it sooner, it's helped me already.


There's room for any random extras I want like these crossword puzzles snipped out of a book.


And things I need to bring to appointments with me.  For example; paperwork Ventura's vet had to fill out yesterday as well as an internet pet pharmacy price for his meds (my vet price matches).


I have room for extra paper.  Although I don't need or have much with me, it's great  for letters, lists, and doodles.


And there is room between the pages when the binder is open.  Smaller binders have less space but this space is usable in the Malden and I carry magnets stuck to the ring mechanism.   By the way if you can fit a tiny, rare earth magnet inside the body of a pen....  You can carry pens there too.

And yes, there are negatives but as Zig Zigler says, "Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will."  And maybe focusing on what works will give the binder switching a rest...

At least for a while...


Giftie Etcetera 11/8/13, 10:35 AM  

Love the crossword puzzle idea. I might add some sudoku to mine! 11/8/13, 9:12 PM  

Looks great. I imagine you feel relieved about making peace with the switching.

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