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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not everyone's cup of Filofax

This year, new a5 Filofax planners came with vertical week on two page inserts much of the time.


And if the order was placed after July there was a year and a half of them.  I quite like them  but I know they aren't every ones cup of Filofax.

 Quite a few remain unused due to flitting between planners. I can only imagine how many left overs the people who got a year and a half  have...

I was looking at them this morning thinking, 'Those puppies remind me of something' and Aha!  I've got it....

muji stamp

    The Muji lists and stamps...

muji list2

muji list

Cut the Filofax Vertical WO2P into sections and you have something remarkably similar.


Nothing wrong with the Muji stuff, it's not even expensive, but all the bits and bobs under $10 start to add up over a year.


They could give the Daytimer hot lists a run for their money too...


The left hand row is punched and if you cut off the top, no dates.


If the printed text get's your OCD in a lather,  a white gel pen will cover it all up.  I just got one from Jetpens by Uni-ball that worked like a charm.   

If you have a paper cutter it's a breeze but even if you don't...being the same color as Filofax paper, because it is, after all, Filofax paper, a wonky cut won't matter.   And it's so nice to find a use for things I have already; it saves me from buying new and keeps perfectly useful things out of land fills.

Finding solutions and using up stuff feels great; that it's free makes it  a bigger geeky high then spying a new sticky note in the Target Dollar Bin...  Now, don't dance around your family waving your home made hot lists, they won't get it.

Don't ask me how I know that, just believe me when I tell you - They won't get it.

At all.


LJ 11/3/13, 2:46 AM  

Ooh - that is such a good idea... :o)

Amanda Carter 11/3/13, 5:00 AM  

That's so cool! Thanks for the tip!

Giftie Etcetera 11/3/13, 7:11 PM  


Sahrish Panjwani 11/6/13, 7:20 PM  

This is genius!

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