The Crazy Suburban Mom: Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Filofax

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Filofax

I've been driving myself crazy in the last few months switching out planners and yeah, I did it again over the weekend.  Ooops, as Brittany said...

Since August, I've had a lot of home projects to manage and things to deal with (my son, leaving for college was especially difficult) and I've been overwhelmed for months.  Whenever I get that feeling a voice inside says, "It's the planner, Tracy.  Fix the planner and you'll fix your life!"  I try and resist but before long I'm in the middle of an office supply cyclone making holes in everything  like a rabid woodpecker.

This madness must end.

The whole process is a little crazy and feels oddly  like emotional eating.   Both help shut down the madness. 

Eating works, Oh! Does it work...  My current account with Weight Watchers proves that...  But  so does switching from one planner to another because it's so all consuming.  Changing binders focuses me on something other then what's overwhelming me...  And for a reasonable length of time.  

Yeah, it's more then a little crazy making and in some ways counterproductive but how much better it is then pulling a chair up to the Coldstone Creamery counter and saying," Line 'em up my good man, and make it a double." Can only be measured in light years.

I was looking for a way to stop the planner switching madness but.. Eh, I don't know. Switching out planners every week is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of coping skills.   Certainly a much better alternative then  one of these...

(Hot dog stuffed crust Pizza image from the Guardian)
...followed by a  Shark Week Sundae chaser.

So where does that leave me?  And really, is it madness?  

Maybe...  but it's a harmless sort of madness. It takes my mind off what's irritating me for a while and  there's always a chance I'll stumble on a few good planning ideas in the fray.

My plan isn't so much to stop, just  stop stressing about it.  I'm giving into a little harmless madness because it's works at least as well as chugging pizzas...And until comfort food comes in a calorie free version...

I'm sticking with this...


LJ 11/3/13, 7:47 AM  

Aargh!!! Now I want an ice-cream lol But totally agree, it's our obsession, and it keeps us sane (in our own special way) xxx

Tracy Reinhardt 11/3/13, 8:01 AM  

LJ - That's it I think :) It keeps us sane :)

paperscribe 11/3/13, 11:43 AM  

Do you ever find yourself indulging in FF buying during these times (a downfall of mine)? Switching planners helps me avert that, somewhat lol.

WW has a wonderful recipe for an almost-no-point garden vegetable soup. Gives the kitchen a comforting smell, too

That pizza, omg...

Nancy Zarroli 11/3/13, 1:49 PM  

I feel like the hot dog stuffed crust pizza is what I do to my planner sometimes! I make it function in so many ways that it loses it's original purpose! Is it a scrapbook? A Calendar? Records what I've done? Plans for my future? Wallet? Holds adorable stickies and extra paper? The reality is it can be all of the above but I can't expect it to do everything! Lol!

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