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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen review

I learned a lot from last months rampant declutter.  Grouping things and splaying them before me made it easy to see what I had too much of (Seriously, how many Tiffany blue nail polishes does one person need?) and  showed what I didn't have enough of (I was seriously lacking in quality paper and had more then a few pens needing replacement.)

 Over the course of a month I placed three orders with jetpens and was a sent a few items for review.   To keep the posts on the short(ish) side I'm going to do them as a series.  

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen

I can't find fault with Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel ink.  There is a large selection of colors, it's fast drying, and when I tested it a while back on challenging writing surfaces (washi tape, transparent sticky notes) it preformed better then any ink I tried.  Other inks had  extended drying times and   most slid right off when I ran a finger across the surface, even much later. 

I used a Coleto Hi-Tec C multi-pen daily until my son deemed it, "Perfect!" and took it with him to college.  Smooth ink and a great paper helps considerably with writing fatigue by reducing the drag of moving pen across paper.   I've been buying him pens, pencils and notebooks from since high school.  Yes, you can get ten notebooks for a dollar at the local discount store, but for my son, they make note taking more difficult.  

Some people learn by seeing, some by hearing, but my son is a kinesthetic learner; he learns best by doing.  While most people study by reading or watching, my son learns best by doing something physical.  He rewrites his notes (or whole sections of text books) to plant them firmly in his memory.   He also has an issue with a tight grip and writing fatigue, add in that he rewrites to learn and you have a difficult situation made worse by cheap paper and sub-par pens.

Being that I've been Hi-Tec-C-less for a while I was happy to try the new Maica pens.  Oh! Smooth, non-feathering ink, how I've missed you! 

The pen body is jewel-like, has a subtle metallic gleam and the top is decked out with what they call a multi-faceted top. 

I just call it bling and what can I say, sparkly is crazy appealing to me. Probably not something my son's going to want so yay!  More for me! 

The pens I tried were the 0.4 tips and they write beautifully. No skipping. No scratching.  The tips are very narrow and work perfectly in drawing templates; something I use frequently.  

The sparkle topped cap has a loop for attaching charms.  The only thing better then bling is more bling I always say...

You can buy Hi-Tec-C maica pens individually or in sets with 0.3 or 0.4 widths.  The colors are mostly in the jeweled-tone category but there are some softer colors available.  

Another plus is they are refillable and the refills look much larger then the multi-pens (Gigantic plus!).  I love the multi-pens but wow, they needed to be refilled pretty often. 

The ink does well on the papers I tried.  It didn't bleed through Filofax paper but there is shadow.  How much depends on how hard I press and how much I rewrite over the same text... an odd quirk of mine.  With anything thicker then Filofax paper there was minimal shadowing, at most.  

These write so well, a joy really.  If you love the Colecto Hi-Tec-C multi-pens but wish the ink would last longer and aren't opposed to a bit of sparkle, you would enjoy a Maica... or twelve.


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