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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Eeenie, meanie, miney, malden, the thunk of longing, and one night stands...

In the last month or so I've moved from one binder to another, wanting to be married but making do with serial monogamy and the occasional one-night stand.

 The first break up came when I moved from the Ordning&Reda A5 Flip to my Portland Grand Filofax because the 2014 refills aren't available to the US.   I wrote O&R about getting some and to paraphrase their response... Sorry, we don't love you. It felt like I was dumped via email.

I  mustered what small self-esteem I had left, picked myself up.... Shook myself off.... and put the O&R into a drawer so I wouldn't be reminded of my shame.  I moved on with my life and into a binder that wanted me;  the Portland Grand Filofax.

 But downsizing into smaller pages with bigger rings netted me a leather covered ball and chain. Despite the smaller footprint it was decidedly un-sleek. Next I thought.... Malden

In a frenzied one-night stand I ran crying to my staid, comfortable Malden. But these kinds of dalliances never look as good in the cold light of day and five  bleary-eyed hours later all I was left with was regret, shame and a galumphing leather covered cinder block.  The Flip's smaller rings made me more judicious but once back Mr. Malden's whopping thirty mm welcoming arms I went into a hole-punching frenzy.

So it was back to my Grand because compared to a cinder block, a ball and chain is an improvement.

Rebound relationships never work.  I should have known...

 I told this tale of woe to my beloved personal Portland who patted me on the back and offered me a home. Without a doubt it's the binder that tugs at my heart  most and I really enjoyed our (few) days together; it's lovely leathery arms around me.... but I  still had a thunk of longing for the O&R.

And that's where I am now.   Funny thing is I knew this would happen; it's why I put it away in a drawer...  Why I didn't even want to see it. Be reminded of our happiness...

Can I get the 2014 inserts?  I think so...  several kind people took pity on the trials of my long-distance relationship and have offered to be my international go-betweens.  

Will it work?  I don't know but as with all things in life and planners, the heart wants what the heart wants.


Giftie Etcetera 10/19/13, 11:58 AM  

So many of us understand your angst!

Desert Mermaid 10/19/13, 12:54 PM  

what a hilariously TRUE tale ... oh my goodness, thank you! for putting my struggles into novella form. I have the same issue with my written journals (kept separately from my organizer, a classic sized Day Runner my husband gifted me with in [wait for it] 1996!!! and to which's open arms I endlessly and repeatedly return after affairs with other systems and sizes!) I found The Perfect written journal on ETSY, and of course after I'd been humming happily along for two years with this gent as my supplier, he upped and decided to close shop. Um, excuse me? So yes, I bought him out, but only have ONE left. If I blogged anymore, I'd tell that tale in just the style you've used here, as I go about trying to find the next Perfect Journal. (p.s. only recently discovered your blog, like 6 weeks ago -- love it!)

Desert Mermaid 10/19/13, 12:58 PM  

I forgot to say THANK YOU for the ETSY link to the seller who provides those awesome templates -- I've ordered 3 and am over the moon! (was just talking to my mom, and we decided that choosing/committing to an organizer or a journal is so very similar to shopping for bras - when you find The One(s) that fit, BUY THEM ALL! because by the time you need them again, that brand or style will have been discontinued!)

Tracy Reinhardt 10/19/13, 1:37 PM  

Giftie - I know that's true!!

Tracy Reinhardt 10/19/13, 1:42 PM  

Desert Mermaid, Oh my goodness! I hope you find a lovable substitute and boy do I feel your pain.

As to the templates - yes me too! I feel the same way. And the seller is SO nice -- she originally got them for me and told her other people would want them too :) She started stocking them and they seem to sell out all the time. If there's something else you want her to look for, she's willing. I asked :)

Funny you should mention bra shopping.... I just got home from trying to find one. No luck but at least I'm batting 1000 with the templates :)

Nancy Zarroli 10/19/13, 11:41 PM  

Omg, you are too funny! So well written! It captured your planner angst perfectly. I think once you get your O and R calendar, move back in and get hitched! You guys were meant to be! Lol!

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