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Monday, October 28, 2013

cream, creamier and jaundiced...

Last week I placed an order for the Meeting Planner pages as a substitute for the Day Planner pages I've been using in personal size.    The formats are similar with blocked out areas,  the delineation helps make sense of my tasks.  

While I was  on the Filofax website I looked around (as always) and spied lined pages I never noticed before.

filofax paper colors

I thought, Oh cool!  A5 Cotton cream pages!  So I ordered them as well...

filofax paper colors

Yesterday I opened up my package and checked them out.  I think the meeting planner pages will work as well, if not better, then the Day Planner pages.

filofax paper colors

Where I think they will help is in managing larger, multi-part projects, as opposed to using them as daily pages.

filofax paper colors

I think this format will work very well for that.

filofax paper colors

The back sides are set up perfectly for to-do lists...

filofax paper colors

I like the idea of a projected due date and a place to write in who is to do it.  Although it might surprise my family, 'who' isn't always me....

But as I looked at my order I noticed something...

filofax paper colors

I've had cotton cream before and it didn't look jaundiced.  My other posted pictures make the paper  look creamy but the color in person is closer to the one above.

filofax paper colors

It's also sheerer then I recall cotton cream being.

I went to Filofax website (both US and UK) and noticed something Steve pointed out on Twitter; there are no A5 lined pages on the UK site called cotton cream.   This paper is, however, there.

After going back and forth between sites for the last hour I realized I misunderstood something. The pages are called  'A5 Ruled Notepaper - Cream' which I assumed  meant cotton cream.  The website images certainly look identical. There are things about pricing and description within and between the US and UK websites that make this seem like cotton cream paper (particularly on the UK site).

 I was going to write them all out but the papery minutia was giving me a headache and no one would be interested in a rant about the use of the words 'ruled notepaper in luxury cream'  for one  and 'ruled notepaper in luxurious cotton cream' for the other... Or how both show up in a site search for cotton cream and only one for "cotton cream".

 I didn't quite receive what I was expecting but that's my fault... 


The descriptions and pricing information  are confusing and the website pictures don't clear things up; these pages lean very yellow which isn't reflected in the images. I know there are color variations in photography, there certainly were between my pictures, but the site pictures of cream vs. cotton cream look  interchangeable.

As to how I feel about this,  I'll just say I like the Meeting Planner pages a lot.... and leave it at that.


Giftie Etcetera 10/28/13, 11:11 AM  

I love those meeting pages. Do they come in personal, or just A5? Did I miss it? Maybe I need to reread.

Tracy Reinhardt 10/28/13, 11:30 AM  

Giftie, I think they are only a5 - the day planner is only personal and it's similar. Sectioned similar to these with different 'headings'

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